What Are Different Types of Citations For SEO?

Business citations play an important role in maximizing brand awareness. They come in different types. Based on the requirement of the business, a business should build the citation.

The right use of the right type of citations help improve business visibility in the organic and local organic search results. This article will help you learn about the different types of citations to choose the best one for your needs.

Importance of Using Citations

Citations involve mentioning business information such as business name, phone number, and address. This method works on enhancing the local SEO strategy of the business. It will also help enhance the rankings of the business.

ACG digital marketing is a provider of premium quality business listing citation building services. Their excellent quality links help maximize brand awareness and generate the best results.

With the right type of citations, your business will rank higher on the SERP. In this way, it will be visible to a greater number of people. This helps in improving its popularity and credibility online. Thus, citation building service translates to better possibilities of connecting with your consumers.

To get maximum benefits from the citation building strategy, a business should note a few things:

  • Emphasize the quality of citations. More than quality of citations aims for creating high-quality citations.
  • Another important thing is to emphasize citations that are posted on authoritative websites.
  • In place of using a single type of citation, a combination of different types of citation will yield you better results. It will help enhance the ranking of your website.

How to Use A Citation?

Search engines use citations as a way to determine the credibility of your business. Better citations require verification using a phone call or postcode.

In addition to mentioning business details, a description of what the business does makes the citation more effective. In this way, a citation helps develop a relationship and trust between the business, and the keywords for which a business would want to rank for.

Types of Citations

There are two different types of citations that a business can use.

  • Structured Citations

This type of citation is mostly found on a superior quality internet directory such as It comprises the business address, and name with schema microdata to assist the search engines. These Yellow Pages types directories have to be organized based on business area and type.

In this type of citation, more information includes such as the operating hours of the business, link to the website, and social profiles. It even indicates the preferred method of payment for the business.

There are things that you should note when using “structured citations”: claim; fill out; and optimize. The last step “optimization” ensures that the information remains uniform throughout all types of business-related citations.

  • Unstructured Citations

This type of citation is available in various sizes and shapes. It comprises the business name, the address/phone number. It doesn’t have to be structured in a rigid way. This type of citation can be simply the address and name of the business or just the phone number.

You can obtain unstructured citations from a vast range of places like social media profiles such as Twitter and Linked In. A Youtube channel, guest blog posts, and podcast – all will assist in developing more trust through organic and local search ranking efforts.


Citation is an essential element in the local SEO strategy of a business. Therefore, it is important to understand the right type of citation and the proper way to use it to benefit your business. This will help you create an improved quality of citations. A business can even mix and match different types of citation to obtain maximum advantages from this strategy.

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