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The voice over industry is lucrative. While voice over might be a process, there are multitudes of areas in which it is applied. For example, radio voice overs, voice over for explainer videos, voice over for video games etc., to name a few. Commercials are one such area where voice overs are widely used these days. 

But how are voice overs used in commercials? What is the process behind it, and what is the role of voice overs in making a commercial effective? 

In today’s article, we will explore all these questions in depth and see how voice over is an indispensable part of the commercial industry in today’s world. 

# What is voice over? 

Before we understand the importance of voice over for commercials, let’s have a quick run-through about what voice over means, shall we? 

In simple words, voice over is simply the voices in the background. As Wikipedia explains, voice over refers to the voices that are recorded over the original audio track, which can be heard in the background. It is an informative process performed by professionals called voice actors or voice over artists

# What are commercials? 

Undeniably, when we are discussing the importance and significance of voice over for commercials, it is also incumbent to understand what commercials are. 

Some people may simply explain it as synonymous with the term’ advertisement. And that is indeed absolutely correct. Commercials are simply television or radio advertisements. And as trivial as they may seem, commercials are one of the most crucial revenue generation and promotional tools for many prominent brands. And yet all advertisements may be commercials, but all commercials may not be advertisements. 

Small explains commercials as: “Commercials are a type of advertisement identified by the use of voice and length of time – typically 10 to 60 seconds. Using voice in this type of advertisement requires purchased time to run the pre-recorded voiceover (commentary over or without images) or dialogue/monologue by an actor in the commercial. Examples of commercial placement include television, radio, Internet or kiosks at public places such as malls, airports and public transportation stations.”

Commercials are potent weapons for businesses. Done correctly, they can leave a substantial mark on the viewers’ minds that could be leveraged to maximize profits. Commercials are also highly effective means to impart an important message and bring about awareness. Some commercials have such a powerful impact that even after years, they remain ingrained in our minds. 

For example, the “roko mat toko mat” song for the Parle G commercial is something we will probably never forget. The commercial featuring an adorable pug dog for Vodafone or simply Red Bull’s animated commercials are some amazing examples to go by. 

# Type of commercials

Just like voice overs, there are different types of commercials as well. Some of these are: 

  1. a) Direct mail commercials
  2. b) Television commercials
  3. c) Radio commercials

d)Social media commercials

  1. e) Magazine commercials
  2. f) Podcast commercials
  3. g) YouTube commercials

# Importance of voice over for commercials: 

The chief aim of commercials is to impart a message, whether it is for your business or a social cause. Throughout the day, we witness several commercials for brands, organizations, etc. So why is it that some stick with us and some never register? The answer is simple: content and delivery. 

Only a powerful content and an even more robust delivery of your message will make your commercial effective and, at the same time, profitable. Because, of course, commercials need investments. 

And this is where voice over tumbles in. Voice over for commercials focuses on precisely that. It aims at using the power of voice to deliver quality and meaningful content. A professional voice over artist has that flair for grasping the viewer’s attention and probing to pay attention. Going back to the example of the iconic Parle G commercial by renowned voice over artist Piyush Mishra, it is safe to say that we cannot undermine the power of a powerful voice over. 

Voice over for commercials is meant to enforce that one unique message that brands want to impart. A voice over artist can bring a whole new palate to experiment and choose from with the various kinds of voice over services they provide. 

Whether you want the tone of your commercial to be serious or light-hearted, a strong voice or a soft, cajoling touch, a voice over artist can cater to it all. Especially those artists who specialize in voice over for commercials. If you want to expand your business through commercials, an experienced voice over artist is definitely a good choice. 

All in all, voice over for commercials is an effective way to make your commercial valuable as well as profitable. The power of voice is certainly something that one shouldn’t undermine. And a voice over artist who knows exactly how to use that is simply the key to a successful commercial and hence, a successful marketing.

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