Unlocking the Power of Ayurvedic Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you know 80% of the Indian population uses some kind of ayurvedic medicine and it is a very important part of traditional Indian Culture? This traditional medicine is impacting human lives throughout the world by decreasing the imbalance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and contributing to good health & well-being.

If you are interested in knowing the power of Ayurvedic medicine or want to make a future in the field of Ayurveda by studying in the best Ayurvedic colleges in UP, this blog will be a useful guide for you. 

Table Of Contents

  1. Ayurvedic Medicine- Introduction
  2. Historical background and origins of Ayurveda
  3. How does Ayurvedic Medicine work?
  4. What are the benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine
  5. The best course to learn about Ayurvedic medicine: BAMS
  6. Summing up
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurvedic Medicine- Introduction

Known for its comprehensive approach to health and well-being, ayurvedic medicine has been used for thousands of years. The traditional Ayurveda method uses various natural herbs to treat various health issues and promote a life free from sickness. With its roots in India, this traditional medical system is currently becoming more and more well-known throughout the world for its all-natural healing techniques. Various Ayurvedic herbs are used in Ayurvedic medicine that help cure several chronic diseases, boost immunity, healthy skin, hair, mental clarity, etc.

Historical background and origins of Ayurveda

In Hindu mythology, Ayurveda is credited to Dhanvantari, the gods’ physician, who learned it from Brahma. The Atharvaveda, a section of the Vedas that dates back to around the second millennium BCE, contains some of its earliest notions. Vedic medicine was practiced from roughly 800 BCE until then. The Vedas are full of mystical techniques for curing illnesses and charms for driving away the demons that are said to traditionally be the root of illnesses.

And the golden era of Ayurveda started with a physician and a surgeon named charak and sushruta around 800 BCE to 1000 BCE. They have written books named charak Samhita and sushruta samhita that are still followed by Ayurveda practitioners.

Though this medicinal system was followed for thousands of years, from the year 1971, the Indian medical council started allowing colleges to offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of Ayurveda. And at present, you can find the bams colleges in uttar pradesh such as DJ Ayurvedic medical college & Hospital to pursue the BAMS program.

How does Ayurvedic Medicine work?

People are still confused about taking Ayurvedic medicine as it lacks scientific research but you will agree that conventional medicine practitioners rely on the importance of gut health, meditation, yoga, and intermittent fasting on overall health and this concept has been available in Ayurveda for ages.

Additionally, Ayurvedic medicine is primarily based on the ideas of global interconnectivity, life forces (doshas), and bodily constitution (Prakriti). And the Ayurveda practitioner treats patients by eliminating impurities from their bodies, decreasing symptoms, boosting immunity, lowering anxiety, and fostering harmony in patient’s life with the help of Ayurveda medicines, diet, and lifestyle changes.

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine?

Before deciding on making a career in Ayurveda by enrolling in the best Ayurvedic colleges in UP for a BAMS course, let’s understand the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine. 

No Side Effects- Ayurvedic medicine is formulated by using different natural herbs that contain zero chemicals and causes no physical or mental side effects to the human body. Whereas the regular use of modern medicine causes some kind of side effects. This is one of the major benefits due to which patients have started preferring this ancient form of Medicine.

Customised medical treatment- Ayurvedic professionals from top Ayurvedic colleges in UP prescribe Ayurvedic medicine based on the specific health condition of individual patients. As these professionals believe the different human body has different conditions and hence needs to be treated with custom-made medicines. And they’ll formulate customised medicine, diet plans, and lifestyle changes for you. 

Improves cellular health- A study that appeared in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information claims that Ayurveda can rejuvenate cells and can be helpful at the cellular level. It has been suggested that the way we care for our bodies can help our bodies heal some illnesses on their own.

Improves the quality of daily life- As Ayurveda helps in solving the root cause of the problem and the chances of recurring chronic diseases become less, hence it contributes to improving the quality of life of the people.

Affordable medicine- As compared to the conventional medical system ayurveda is a much more affordable and safe form of medicine. And the government of India is further launching initiatives regarding the research & development of affordable Ayurvedic medicine which will also be beneficial for the students of the best Ayurvedic colleges in UP looking forward to making a career in the research field.

The best course to learn about Ayurvedic medicine: BAMS

BAMS is an undergraduate course in the Ayurveda field. You can pursue this course from the top Ayurvedic colleges in Uttar Pradesh, such as Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital.

Key highlights of the BAMS course offered by Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College & hospital

Course Level Undergraduate
Course Duration 4.5 years + 1 year of internship
Minimum Eligibility
  • Applicants must have completed class 12th with majors in chemistry, physics, biology, and Sanskrit or equivalent exam.
  • Applicants must have completed class 12th from an accredited board of education.
  • Applicants must have a qualified NEET examination.
  • Minimum age criteria= 17 years
Recruiting Companies Dabur, Baidyanath, Surya Herbal Limited, Emami Ltd., Vicco Laboratories, Patanjali Ayurved Limited, The Himalaya Drug Company, Hamdard laboratories.
Job options Nutritionist, Ayurveda Counsellor, Sales representative, Ayurveda doctor, medical officer, scientist

Summing up

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the ancient forms of medicine but it is still effective. The best ayurvedic colleges in UP are teaching traditional ayurvedic medicine by including certain concepts of contemporary medicine. And hence creating ayurvedic professionals that can create safe and effective forms of medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which sectors are the top recruiters of BAMS graduates?

Nursing, life science, healthcare, education, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, research, and medical tourism are the top sectors that recruit BAMS Ayurveda graduates.

2. Which Ayurvedic herbs are considered best in Ayurveda?

The most popular and effective herbs according to Ayurveda are Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shatavari, Licorice, Amala, Neem, Haritaki, etc.

3. What is the list of Ayurveda treatments available in India?

Top ayurvedic hospitals in India offer popular ayurvedic treatments such as Abhyanga, Panchkarma, Chirodhara, Kati vasti and various other treatments.

4. Why you should pursue a BAMS course from DJ Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Modinagar, UP?

This is one of the best ayurvedic colleges in UP that offers a top-notch course curriculum, eminent teaching professionals, a wi-fi-enabled campus, modern infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories and libraries, and an in-house hospital for clinical practice exposure.

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