Top tips for liposuction recovery

Texasliposuction premier liposuction center, we are committed to providing honest and caring services that will make you feel comfortable before any procedure. As part of our service, we want you to know what to expect, as well how you can recover. This article will provide information about how your body reacts to liposuction. We recommend that you consult with one of the friendly doctors.

Your body will recover quickly after the liposuction procedure. If complications do occur, it may take only a few weeks or several months for your body to recover. The type of procedure performed, the area to be treated and your body reaction will all affect the recovery time.

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Even though every patient is unique there are many common elements to any path to recovery. Most patients will feel some pain within the first day of their surgery. However, medication can reduce this discomfort. It is normal to feel some discomfort during movement. However, most patients should find that walking should be relatively painless and can return to their workstations with minimal discomfort.


Liposuction has a side effect that causes swelling. It can take several months before the swelling goes away. The extent of swelling depends on the area being treated. If the area is larger, it will take more time. Although it will take longer than expected, the amazing changes that are taking place beneath your swollen face are well worth it. Seromas and hematomas will reduce swelling. Your doctor will place drainage tubes in this area.

You may also notice fluid draining out of the incisions during the procedure. It’s normal and caused by the anesthetic. It is actually helping to heal your body. However, it is necessary to clean the wound and any tubes as well record the amount of fluid drain. This will enable your doctor to determine when the tubes may be safely removed.

The skin may seem loose due to the decreased fat. This is completely normal. Over time, it should become tighter. Time depends on many factors such as skin texture, genetics, age, and health. The skin of most patients will return to normal within six weeks.

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Liposuction, like all surgeries, comes with the possibility of infection. After recovery, you will have to watch your incisions closely and be on the lookout for signs or infection.

Pay attention to redness and swelling as well as unpleasant discharge. If you observe any of these signs, please contact us. We can arrange a follow-up consultation so that everything is in order.


You must exercise to ensure your recovery and long-term success in any diet. However, it’s important that you wait until the body can handle the increased activity. Your surgeon will recommend the best exercise program for you.

Common guidelines recommend starting with light walking in the first few day, and gradually increasing the intensity over subsequent two weeks. Any serious exercise should be avoided within the first five-months.

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These tips will speed up your recovery time and help to prevent any complications:

  • Get plenty of water.

It is easy after surgery to become dehydrated. Staying hydrated helps with recovery.

  • Avoid beverages that cause dehydration

Your body already has lost a significant amount fluid and is susceptible to dehydration. You should not drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks to increase the risk. Both can cause dehydration.

These questions will ensure you have a positive experience and help you make an informed decision about liposuction. Consultations are always free at Texasliposuction Center. We are pleased to answer any queries you may have about liposuction.

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