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Top .Net Core Libraries All ASP.Net Developers Should Know

The competition in the website and application development industry is increasing gradually. Everyone wants to stay ahead. Hence, the use of the newest inventions and leading-edge technologies has become important. .Net framework is one such blessing that came from Microsoft and the latest .Net core is a highly useful and valuable update to the framework that helps a software development company to create robust, feature-rich, and dynamic websites, web applications, and mobile apps. If you are looking to hire a .Net developer for your next project, make sure that they are familiar with these top ASP.Net Core libraries:


AutoMapper is used to handle mapping from one object to the other. This library is quite useful for the developers as they don’t need to worry about their code while mapping values. AutoMapper lets you enable EF6 Extensions, collection Extensions Record/IDataReader Extensions, Expression Mapping, Microsoft DI Extensions, and more. This library helps decrease the developers work and avoid unwanted codes during values mapping.


The professional and open-source Swagger toolset is known to simplify APIs development for enterprises, users, and teams. Developers can create beautiful API documentation like a UI for exploring and testing operations from models, controllers, and routes. What is best about this library is that it needs minimum maintenance and coding, letting you to concentrate on creating a remarkable API.


This is another simple to create and expand open-source logging tool. This library offers excellent management and routing abilities. With no limitations, the library supports cross-platform. Want to handle web sockets, request aggregation, rate limiting, load balancing, authorization, configuration, or caching? Don’t worry! NLog can deal with it all.


Hangfire offers a simple way to carry out background job processing within your .Net Core applications. Developers don’t need to have separate process or windows service. This library offers a very simple method to perform a delayed and recurring, fire and forget job in the .Net application. Short-running, long running, and I/O intensive and CPU intensive jobs are supportive.


SaasKit is another interesting library to create SaaS applications. Creating multitenant applications was quite difficult. But, with this .Net library, adding multitenancy has become quite simple. It uses the concept to add middleware through the OWIN interface.


Moq is the friendliest and the most popular mocking library in this list. It is the only available mocking library for the .Net created from scratch. It lets you take full benefits of the .Net lambda expressions and Linq expression trees. Thus, it is known to be the most productive, refactoring-friendly, and type-safe mocking library. It supports both mocking classes and interfaces. The API of this library is very simple and does not need any prior experience or knowledge of the mocking concepts.


Swashbuckle is a remarkable library that is helpful with services related to .Net API projects. The main role of this library is to produce the Swagger spec for .Net projects. It produces amazing API documentations like he Swagger UI, both to explore and test the API operations. You can configure the library in your project and get started within a few minutes.


It is another small and lightweight library. It is a freely accessible and open-source library. Whether you want to collect data in documents or support data encryptions using DES, it won’t leave any stone unturned. LiteDB consists of a quick NoSQL embedded database that supports LINQ queries. IF you want a .Net library that can generate applications in one file only, consider LiteDB.


This is a simple yet persistent, powerful, and portable .Net library. This library auto-completes fields and test-boxes for all types of cloud, web, and desktop apps. It’s dependent on jQuery. Autocomplete also supports every kind of stream data type including classic disc storage.


It is a popular open-source abstraction written in C#. CacheManager supports various providers of caches as well as includes other superior features. The main objective of CacheManager is to make the life of developers simpler by handling even the most complicated caching scenarios.


It is another open-source library that helps minimize the “Arrange” stage of the unit tests to maximize maintainability. The main aim of this library is to let developers concentrate on what is tested instead of setting the test scenarios, by making it simpler to make object graphs having test data. His library makes is simpler for the developers to perform test-driven developments by automating the non-related test fixture setup, letting the developers to concentrate on the important aspects of every test case.


For any ASP.Net developer, it is vital to know and understand the fundamentals of ASP.Net core libraries along with their role. This will help them create whimsical solutions.

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