Top 7 Unique Ways To Celebrate Rakhi With Your Sister

Raksha Bandhan is a celebration that is unique from all the rest! This day is devoted entirely to the wonderful bond shared by siblings. If you have a sister, then you most probably love her to the moon and back, but obviously, you can not say it to her cause she will tease you a lot! The thing is, a brother-sister relationship is a blend of love topped with lots of bickering and teasing along with a side slice of not sharing your things. Hence, we understand that being vocal about your feelings is not something you are used to. But it is Raksha Bandhan, and you also wanna tell your sister just how much she means to you. So, instead of telling her, how about you show her? It is customary for you to give her a gift, but this time you can plan something extra for just the two of you. Need some help with the same? Well, go ahead and read through this list of the things you can do on Raksha Bandhan with your dearest sister.

Plan A Road Trip

We know that you both lead quite busy lives, so taking a small break is excellent for you both. This year on Raksha Bandhan, get out of your home and get on the road with your sister to have a blast. You can plan a short trip to a nearby place, or you can go out for the entire weekend. However, for the long trip, we would suggest that you run the plan by her in advance so that she can pack and make arrangements at school/college/work for this plan.

Take Her Out

It’s actually quite funny that this never rarely happens. You and your sister do not go out to fancy dinners or to your favourite restaurants that much, and this time you must change that! Enquire a little about her favourite place to dine and take your sister out for a night full of food, fun and lots of happy memories; trust us, she will surely love that more than anything else. And if you two do not enjoy fine dining, then a day street food fest is always in the cards, and foodies out there will love it.

Game Night

Playing games, fighting over small cheating and laughing until your stomach hurts; remember those sweet days of childhood you both spent together? Recreate those memories on Raksha Bandhan and plan a gaming night! In this, you can include your entire family as the more, the merrier. A tip from our side is to go for games that you guys used to enjoy together as kids; this will help you to add some more amazing memories to the nostalgic bundle you already have. 

Much Needed Video Call

If you live away from home, then you must be missing out on the celebration and feeling kinda left out. Your sister sends you a rakhi in UAE or wherever you live every year without a miss, but it’s just not the same. Well, we can not do anything about the distance you two share, but you can always become a part of everything through a simple video call. Free up space on your schedule and remain on a call with your whole family and especially your sister, and you will not miss out on anything.

Have Some Coffee

Ever heard of the saying “less is more”? Well, this time, that can be your Rakhi plan. Instead of going for something really grand, stick to the basics and spend some time with your sister over a coffee. Talk about random things, discuss what is new with you two and just appreciate each other’s presence. That will be a serene yet amazing way to celebrate the day of siblinghood.

A Shopping Spree

We may be promoting a stereotype here, but it is said that women love shopping, so if your sister is one of those, then congratulations! You have a perfect yet effortless plan ready for you. Take her on a shopping spree! This day will be one of the best for her, and you will get to know her likes and dislikes. The best part is your Rakhi gift will be covered in this plan. So, take your pick from the list and surprise her with the perfect Raksha Bandhan.

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