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Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies for an Ecommerce Website

With the pandemic around, India has seen massive growth in eCommerce website development. Many businesses are building their e-stores with the aspiration of reaching a wider audience and increase revenue. However, succeeding in today’s highly competitive market demands something more than mere aspiration. Without a proper marketing strategy in place, these eCommerce sites may not explore their full potential.

Today, we will explore some of the strategies diligently practised by the experts of digital marketing services to strengthen the foundation of an online store. We are sure that these tips will give new wings to your recently launched e-store.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Ecommerce Website 

1. Create a Buzz on Social Media 

Social media has become a mainstream marketing channel for every startup and initiative. Leverage the power of social media and create excitement among your audience for your products.

From giveaways to contests – try different creative ideas to drive awareness among people. These days, giveaways demand people refer others and this gives immense exposure to your e-store.

B2B businesses should also not shy away from marketing and their copies can also be lively and attractive. The more groundbreaking your marketing campaigns, the better it is.

2. Select the Right Social Media Channels 

This pointer is integrated with the previous one but we wanted to stress the importance of this aspect. Before creating campaigns, pay attention to selecting the right social media platform.

Facebook is an ideal platform for both B2B and B2C businesses. Instagram is highly popular for B2C brands. LinkedIn, on the other hand, works really well for B2B brands. You can also leverage other channels like YouTube and Pinterest to promote your store.

The platform you pick will determine the type of your campaign. Each platform has some unique features that help an e-store flourish. We highly recommend you make the most of these.

3. Enhance Organic Visibility 

When it comes to driving reputation and long-term business growth, there’s no alternative to search engine optimization.

Engage a professional SEO agency in India to optimize your store for search engines and drive organic traffic. The experts will conduct keyword research, traffic analysis, meta tags optimization, broken link fixing, custom 404 error page setup, page speed analysis and enhancement, ensuring cross-device responsiveness, off-page SEO, setting up product schema, and so on.

4. Invest in Paid Marketing 

Paid promotion is an amazing strategy for newly launched online stores. With paid marketing, you can drive instant visibility and brand awareness.

Unlike SEO services, here, you have to pay to the marketing platform to earn traffic to your store. From search engine to social media – paid marketing spans across it all. And 79% of marketers consider PPC (Pay-per-Click) to be highly beneficial for boosting businesses.

5. Remarketing 

Remarketing is an effective marketing strategy for an e-store. Today’s consumers are less likely to buy a product from a store in one go.

They may browse your product catalogue, may even add some items in the wishlist or shopping cart, then visit multiple stores, compare products, and speculate buying it for some time. Amidst all these, it’s quite possible that they forget about the products they browsed in your store.

If you want to bring them back to the e-shop and drive conversion, remarketing ad is the right weapon for you. You can also leverage it to drive customers who have already brought something from your store.

6. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is quite popular these days and highly impactful for businesses. Over the course of 2021, influencer marketing is predicted to grow to become a $13.8 million market. In fact, 75% of brands are planning to dedicate a significant amount of marketing budget to this strategy (source: Cyber Click).

You can think of influencer marketing to be the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. Before hiring an influencer, pay attention to select the right one for your niche. You can pay attention to the target audience of your influencer. If they belong to your niche, go for the one.

7. Don’t Skip Email Marketing 

Trust us, email marketing is not dead! Even in today’s age of instant gratification and short campaigning, email marketing remains effective.

To get started, create a database of your potential consumers. Now, segment them on the basis of age, location, previous purchases, products browsed, and other filters.

It’s time to create a highly personalized campaign and distribute them according to your database segmentation. Done right, it can be highly beneficial for your e-store.

Wrapping Up 

Digital marketing in India has come a long way than you could imagine even a few years back. If you are new to the online realm, it’s high time to engage professional marketing services to leverage their full potential. We hope that the blog gave you a roadmap of how to get started. Follow these and witness the growth of your shop!

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