Top 5 Virtual Cards for Microsoft Ads Payment

Advertising on Microsoft boosts brand recognition and attracts new customers. The success of an advertising campaign depends on its budgeting, and payment tools affect the speed of implementation. Virtual payment cards have become the most optimal way to pay for media. They can be created en masse, conduct fast transactions on international accounts, and are easily replenished by various means.

In this article, we will consider the top 5 best digital cards for advertising payment according to professional mediabuyers.


The financial platform PSTNET provides virtual cards for advertising campaigns on all popular platforms. They have special cards (Visa/MasterCard) for mediabuying on Microsoft Ads. Similar cards are suitable for paying for subscriptions to services or international online shopping, as payments are made in dollars or euros. According to professional mediabuyers, cards for Microsoft ads are the best solution for all modes of operation: both individual and team-based. 

Key features of the service:

Card balance can be topped up via USDT TRC20, BTC (+15 coins), SWIFT or SEPA bank transfer, or through Visa/Mastercard

Many unique BINs from banks in the USA and Europe: with them, the chance of catching risk payments is minimal

Convenient BIN checker on the website

No transaction fees, withdrawal fees, or canceled payment fees

All operations on blocked or frozen cards are also not subject to additional charges

Cards can be issued without limits

Registration can be done in 1 step – through an existing Google, Telegram, WhatsApp, Apple account, or email

Additional functionality for team work allows roles to be distributed, limits set, and operation reports requested

Support for cards with 3D-Secure technology

Easy withdrawal of funds in USDT

24/7 user support service: managers can be contacted via Telegram bot, email, or any other convenient method

Telegram bot for notifications and alerts

The platform also offers a special program for mediabuyers – PST Private. Within its framework, you can receive: 3% cashback on advertising expenses and a 3% commission on card top-ups. A 50% discount is promised for the first month. There is no need to confirm advertising expenses, and you can issue up to 100 cards immediately.


The AdsCard service offers payment cards for purchasing advertising on popular platforms. Cards can be linked to Microsoft, Google, TikTok, and many other traffic sources. Their main advantage is highlighted: all funds are deducted from a single account balance. There is no need to top up the card or withdraw funds specifically for payment or transaction. Limits can be set on the cards.

Key features of the service:

Instant issuance of cards with free maintenance

Fixed cost per card ($1) for advertising budgets from $500 per month

Many BINs from banks in the USA and Europe

Ability to create personalized BINs for the team for a certain fee

24/7 customer support

Team management in the personal account: role allocation and access management

The commission for mass payments is 3%, which is valuable for mediabuyers. And balance replenishment is attractive with zero commission.

Сombo cards

The platform offers cards for advertising payment on well-known platforms: from Microsoft and Google to TikTok. Users can test some services in pilot mode as the service is relatively new. All cards are equipped with 3D-Secure protection technology.

Key features of the service:

Withdrawal of funds from the card is possible only after a request to the support managers

Auto-replenishment of cards can be configured

12+ BINs from the USA and Europe

Roles can be distributed in the team and limits can be set on fund withdrawals

Mass card issuance is possible

Users note the fixed commission for card top-up at 3%. However, the tariffs are quite high. For example, you can get up to 5 free cards, but only if spending more than $5000 per month.


FlexCards is a platform that issues virtual cards for any transactions. The service’s cards are also used in mediabuying. The cards have a flexible replenishment system: USDT, bank transfer, Capitalist, and transfer from the balance of partner services. The minimum top-up amount starts from 50 EUR.

Key features of the service:

Cards have no maintenance fees

Many European BINs

Team functionality in the personal account: the team owner can manage card issuance and distribute roles among their employees

To receive a card, you need to go through a two-step registration: provide a completed form to the support manager, and after they activate it, confirm your account via email

The cost of 1 card starts from 2 euros

Users note that the top-up fees are not fixed – they depend on the BIN. The starting top-up fee is 3.5%.


XCards issues cards for online shopping or mediabuying. The service is customer-oriented: they have a “Make Us Better” section on their website where users can leave their feedback or suggestions regarding the cards’ functionality. Cards can be topped up using USDT, TRC-20, or Bitcoin.

Key features of the service:

Possibility to earn bonuses for activity

Personal manager assistance for sufficient transaction volumes

Cards become available immediately after registration and balance top-up

Prompt customer support

Users notice that card issuance is unlimited. However, maintenance and top-up fees are quite high – starting from $10 and $6, respectively. One of the main ways to achieve the goal of an advertising campaign on Microsoft Ads is to choose the right virtual card for payment.

Each of the services we have reviewed has its own unique advantages. The choice of a card for mediabuying should be deliberate and rational. By utilizing all the features of referral programs or cashback on advertising purchases, you can expand the budget boundaries and use it to achieve goals more quickly.

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