Top 5 Unknown Places To Visit In Amsterdam This Holiday Season!

Amsterdam receives millions of visitors each year, many of whom are drawn to the same attractions spread throughout the city. However, after you have explored the canals, visited Dam Square, and marveled at the paintings in the Rijksmuseum, you may find yourself wanting to see even more of the city. Even though all of those sights are amazing and gorgeous, they are all congested with visitors, which detracts from the genuineness of the experience in some ways. That is why venturing off the usual path to the locations to visit in Amsterdam that are hidden gems of the city must be accomplished. Book Now on Viator

The best part about these sites to visit in Amsterdam is that they are full of hidden gems worth discovering. There are secret spaces and secret rooms in buildings since it is an old city with a complicated past, and survival needs to have private areas and secret rooms in buildings. 

These once-secret locations have evolved into more widely known destinations that people may now visit and enjoy. I hope you can find something of interest to you, especially in this exciting holiday season when everything is lighted and bright! It is time to discover a different side of the city, see some attractions, and participate in some activities that you were previously unaware of.

Top 5 Places To Visit (and more you can enjoy)! 

This distinctive cosmopolitan city, which also happens to be the capital of the Netherlands, is an excellent vacation location. Numerous theatres, 40 museums, and numerous educational institutions are among the many attractions in this city, which do not lack any noteworthy features. In a 2000-acre area divided by 160 canals, there are approximately 6750 structures that date back to the 16th or 18th centuries and are now used as residences by many people. 

This city, which is the country’s cultural epicenter, is also home to several stunning bridges, cannabis-free cafes, and historical sites worth exploring. Check out what you like and what you didn’t expect throughout this holiday season, and take your time enjoying that single trip or family vacation at your leisure: 

1. The Exciting Pancake Boat

Anyone who has visited Amsterdam knows that the brunch scene in the city is out of this world. The location of one of the top brunch spots in the city is still a mystery to most visitors. The majority of people are unaware that more options are available than they realize. The Pancake Boat is an available brunch option. 

Exactly what it sounds like, the Pancake Boat is precisely what it is — a boat that serves pancakes. Except for passengers, everyone onboard is provided with an infinite supply of Dutch pancakes, which can be topped with syrup, fresh fruit, and powdered sugar. 

The Pancake Boat departs from the Northern Docklands and travels through the city’s main harbor on its journey. It provides the distinguished guests onboard with the opportunity to sample a delectable Dutch delicacy while taking in the city’s stunning architecture. In total, the trip lasts approximately 75 minutes.

2. The long-known and enjoyed ‘In t Aepjen’

One of the city’s oldest bars, Int-Aepjen, may be found here. Located smack in the middle of the Red Light District, this establishment is easy to miss. Hundreds of tourists pass by this old bar every day and night, completely unaware of what they are losing out on. But now you’ll be aware of it. The Int-Aepjen bar first opened its doors in 1519, during the reign of the Dutch East Indian Company. 

It was a popular destination for sailors returning from exotic voyages with significant money and monkeys. During that period, sailors would pay for their drinks with these monkeys, and the sailors eventually found themselves unable to pay for their accommodations. The bar had become overrun with hundreds of monkeys by that point.

3. Tiny Hidden Houses

The tiny hidden dwellings are one of the capital city’s most entertaining and unique secret sites. If you don’t look closely enough, you’ll miss these dwellings entirely! And, while you can’t get inside the houses to see what’s inside, taking the time to find them and photograph them is worthwhile.

The tiny houses aren’t just there at random; they’re there for a cause and have an incredible story to go with them. You may see that the house addresses on the street of the tiny dwellings range from 70 to 54 between two residences. A local Amsterdam advertising firm determined that this needed to be addressed to tackle this. As a result, they placed the tiny houses between the two buildings to compensate for the missing addresses.

4. Hortus Botanicas

The Hortus Botanicas is a vast greenhouse and botanical garden in the Plantage area of Barcelona, just west of the city center. This garden, created in 1638, is one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens. It was utilized to produce and gather therapeutic herbs for doctors in the 1600s! 

More specifically, Hortus Botanicas was employed to research cures for the epidemic, although the VOC brought many exotic plants back to the utilized city.

5. Ons’LiereHeer op Solder

Our Lord in the Attic – Ons’LieveHeer op Solder – is a hidden museum full of surprises. The invisible church in the attic is the best surprise. Few people are aware of this, and you couldn’t tell from the street. The church is concealed in an attic for a reason, and the tale behind it is fascinating.

Following the Reformation, the Calvinist Dutch government abolished Catholicism in the 16th century. As a result, Catholic worship was utterly forbidden. Despite the harsh sanctions, many Catholics continued to practice their faith in secret and built hidden churches to do so. This museum houses one of these underground churches conserved as a historic landmark and museum since 1888.


Amsterdam’s places to explore are much more than just the tourist traps that crowd the city. It oozes history, charm, and culture. Taking some time throughout your trips to explore the city’s secrets will leave you with a new appreciation for the Netherlands’ magnificent capital. Enjoy your vacation and remember to bring a piece of Amsterdam with you when you return; after all, what are interviews for, if not that? Book Now on Viator

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