Top 5 Biggest Differences between Platinum and White Gold Wedding Bands for Men

Differentiating between platinum and white gold wedding bands is close to impossible. You must have heard that platinum is the best metal for an engagement ring. But, is it worth the money?

The decision is completely upon you. There are tons of different factors that distinguish these two metals from one another. They might look the same on the surface, but the differences lie in their weight, durability, longevity as well as robustness.

However, we have successfully come up with five differences between platinum wedding bands and white gold wedding bands. These are the facts that you should consider before purchasing the wedding bands.

Long Life Span

Most people have one common misconception. They assume that both platinum and white gold wedding bands will perform for a long time as their appearances are identical. However, this is nothing but a myth.

White gold is indeed a strong metal and white gold wedding bands are attractive. But, smart customers will research the drawbacks. As white gold is not entirely pure, it is created by mixing yellow gold with white metals such as palladium, silver, or nickel. After the combination is done, they go through the rhodium plating process to receive a shinier and whiter look.

On the other hand, platinum is considered the purest metal a piece contains 95% of platinum and 5% of the alloy. Platinum will fade, but unlike yellow gold, it won’t turn yellowish over time. Though platinum will lose the shinier appearance, many people love this look as it appears more attractive.

Lifespan and Durability

You already know that platinum is the most durable and hardest metal for wedding bands. However, both platinum and white gold handle the surface scratches differently. If you scratch the surface of white gold, the gold will be lost.

If you scratch platinum, it will develop an effect known as patina finish. This will provide an antique look to your platinum EpicWeddingBands. You can recover the minor damages by polishing.

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The durability of platinum wedding rings is also better than white gold. As platinum can perfectly handle damages such as scratch, wear, and tear, it will last for decades.


Most white gold wedding bands are offered in 14k or 18k versions. As pure gold is too fragile to be used, different alloys are mixed with gold to make it durable. As per Toppr, people don’t buy 24K gold as it’s too soft to withstand wear and tear.

On the other hand, platinum is heavy as well as strong metal. Men should decide if they’re comfortable wearing heavy platinum wedding bands. If you feel platinum is too heavy for you, you can always go for white gold wedding bands.

Hypoallergenic Potential

When differentiating metals, you need to keep in mind that some metals can create skin allergies. In that case, hypoallergenic metals can help you to reduce allergic reactions.

As we mentioned, platinum is 95% pure. This is why platinum the only true hypoallergenic as well as a precious metal. White gold wedding bands might cause skin irritation or itching due to the mix of metals. Hence, if you have metal allergies, it’s best if you stick with platinum.


Do you why the sales of white gold wedding bands are greater than platinum wedding bands? This is because platinum is 30 times costlier than white gold wedding bands.

Additionally, gold is less dense than platinum. If you made a wedding ring from platinum instead of white gold, the weight would be doubled.

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These are the 5 differences between platinum wedding bands and white gold wedding bands. Though these factors might seem small, some of them play a crucial role while differentiating between white gold and platinum. Depending on your choice for a wedding ring, you’ll have to research the cost and overall benefits of each metal. This is how you’ll understand which metal is suitable for you.

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