Top 5 Accessories to Catch People’s Attention

Whenever you buy new jewelry, you should always consider what you already have in your box and what compliments your wardrobe or style. Different times during the day and other occasions demand an assortment of accessories for that particular occasion. You can’t wear funeral accessories to a graduation ceremony or a provocative piece to the office. Every jewelry piece has a time and place. No matter the goal or occasion, your jewelry or accessory should attract; its purpose is to bring attention and complement your style. This list below is some cool and classy looks that definitely will catch people’s attraction.

Vintage Jewelry:

Nothing attracts the attention of a passerby or people at your office and around you than vintage jewelry. Firstly they are not part of the recent fashion, and that’s why being a vintage piece, and that’s why they garner more attention as our attention focuses on things that are out of the ordinary. Secondly, vintage jewelry from eras was more prominent and loud to signify a woman’s beauty to add beauty and class to her style. Such items can be both for men and women.

Rings are first in line when thinking about vintage; bigger stones on your rings attract more attention while, if chosen right, adding an extra layer of charm to your outlook. Micro-mosaic pendants are also part of the old age items and are classed as vintage. Pearl and gold earrings will also attract and garner you good attraction.

Gold chains:

Your first impression you give when you enter a room or talk to someone is enhanced by your grooming and the accessories you wear. The reason behind this is they are focused on your face when talking to you. Earrings and chains are the first two things they notice. Wearing chains complimenting your neckline for women while your chest and chin are the ones that garner the most attraction. You don’t need to go all gangster to shine, but a classy rope-style chain can do the trick.

Men’s gold rope chains are classy and have weight to them that enhance your class and manly outlook while not taking anything away from what you are talking about. The thing about men wearing chains is that as long as they are not wearing bling jewelry like rappers, bikers, and gangsters, they can choose from different styles of gold chains and still carry them with class.


No matter what jewelry or accessory you wear, watches make you instantly more attractive and classy than any other jewelry can. The idea of forbidden fruit is always so tempting since the very start of man’s history. Mobile can do so many things in this age of digital access that we forget how certain things worked and were used in the past. While mobile can definitely tell you time, a watch can tell you, class. Having a certain weight around your wrist gives you a sense of grounded reality. Checking time from your watch rather than your mobile will always make you look classy. 

Nowadays, classy and high-quality watches aren’t as expensive as they were once used to be. Even replicas provide you with a particular class and last you a long time, only limited by the battery life. Watches can be of various metals and dial pieces to attract more attractions. Moving parts watches have that sense of vintage and purity that digital watches might not offer.

Multiple earrings:

Wearing earrings is probably the only accessory other than a necklace or chain that is the first thing others will notice. Earrings length and size should always be proportional to your face structure. You can complement other jewelry and accessories with your rings to complete a look and shine in your style. But there are certain times when you do want attention but aren’t bothered with spending too much time with matching jewelry and clothes, or you simply don’t like to wear more than one item of jewelry. For such scenarios, multiple earrings on one side of the ear always do the trick.

Even if you are just out to get groceries or for a run or walk, wearing a set of earrings or studs not only completes your look, you will also feel comfortable in wearing them. You can wear studs that don’t need a piercing, so you can wear multiples without being irritated by them. Ring earrings also come under this variety. If you like piercings, you can do earrings that fashion more than one whole and give you a different look.

Choker Necklace Sets:

Necklaces are worn at parties or special occasions. If you are going to a high-class party or a formal occasion that you need to show class, a choker set is your best bet. Sukkhi sets have enough gems and gold plating to make them shine. When wearing such sets, you need to dress as subtly as possible to make the set more attractive and prominent, and to be noticeable and pleasing is deemed one of the most critical aspects of such occasions. 

In many cultures where weddings are more festive, especially in certain Asian and African countries, choker necklace sets are all the rave and valued above all other simpler necklaces and chains. It is most customary for the groom to gift these to the bride, which isn’t cheap.


Since the time memorial, people have garnered attraction. Whether through power, fame or just for its fun, everyone wants the attention and be the most looked at on any occasion. While it is possible to garner attention with your personality and charm, it is always easier to use the bling factor card to employ attention-seeking tactics. There is no shame in garnering attention and attraction utilizing a piece of jewelry or accessory; it is actually most valid as our history portrays time and time again. Even wearing different styles of gold chains for any occasion can enhance your look for more attention, and you can have fun in the process.

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