Top 10 Children’s Book To Look Out For In 2022!

The incredible way to get along well with children at any age is by reading together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture book or a storybook; reading should be the goal. Reading along with your kids is one of the best ways to communicate with them while making stronger and beautiful connections and learning continually. 

Reading books also increases creativity amongst the minds of children. Whenever you purchase a book for your child, make sure that it has stories with lessons. You would always want a book that would encourage your kid to read more. If you want to Read & Buy Books, Thalia is the best choice

Why Is Reading Essential For Kids? 

Literacy is one of the essential things in your child’s academic achievement. They need to read books because:

  • Reading aloud in front of your children can enhance their reading skills, and it will help in cultivating a positive attitude towards books and academics
  • More than the academic advantages of reading books, this activity can engage your child and keep him busy so that they can entertain themselves independently. It also creates good bonding between the child and his parents. 

Top 10 Children’s Book To Look Out for In The Year 2022!

  • Best For Toddlers – Please, Baby, Please

This book is among some of the best books for toddlers. It informs about the daily activities that babies do. This book showcases the story of a black family, which is a bonus. Your toddler would love to hear these stories again and again without getting bored of them. 

  • Best LGBTQ+ – Julian Is A Mermaid

This award-winning picture book features a small boy who loves to dress up like a mermaid. This book focuses on celebrating individuality and self-love. This book encourages understanding and acceptance among individuals. 

  • Spanish Book – Que Cosas Dice Mi Abuela

Families having bilingual babies will appreciate this story as it has a grandmother who teaches manners to her little grandchildren and their companions. Many parents have enjoyed this particular book as it has instilled positive morals and lessons in their children. 

  • Linus, The Vegetarian T. Rex – Best Book for all Age Groups

There are many things that you can love about this story about Linux, a vegetarian T.Rex and Ruth Ann, who’s a girl having excellent knowledge about dinosaurs. Kids would enjoy this story while finding the velociraptors hidden on every book page.

  • The Kissing Hand – Best Classic

Full of empathy, compassion, and kindness, this particular book is the favourite of every kindergarten teacher, and it would also help kids go through childhood transitions. In this story, a young raccoon is afraid of going to school; hence, his mother finds a way to let him know that she’s always with him. 

When the young raccoon in the story is scared of going to school, his mama finds a way to let him know she’s always with him. This book is a great way to instill confidence in your kid. 

  • Black Is Brown Is Tan – Best Book For Diversity

This book was published in 1973 and mainly showcases a story about an interracial family. This book talks about a vast and fantastic family doing regular chores. Things in this book are written down in a poetic verse, which kids would appreciate. 

  • A Little Book About Racism

This book talks about the most common topic – Racism. This book is excellent for your young child. It gives a simple yet clear explanation about racism and how to identify it. This board book is impressive for any kid to start with.

  • It’s Okay To Make Mistakes – Great For Confidence

Incorporating a crucial lesson is super easy with this sweet little story that will assist your kid in building up confidence and embracing some happy accidents. This storybook talks about some of the most amazing kid-friendly experiences. Also, the book showcases the advantages of taking a chance to try something new and embracing life. 

  • The Grumpy Bird – A Funny Storybook

This is an original and fun story, which helps your kid recognise and accept all the emotions. The colourful designs and illustrations in the book will delight your kids. Also, it’s very tough to resist the cute little bird who finally learns to shake off the grumpiest.

  • The Day The Crayons Quit – Best Read Aloud

This is a super funny storybook that imagines what could happen if all the colours in a colour box “quit” for the day. This book has a story written from every colour’s perspective. This is a funny read-aloud book as readers can add personality to each crayon’s monologue. This book is a must-read.

How To Encourage Your Child To Read More Often? 

Inculcating a super healthy reading habit is suitable for your child. It would help if you always let your child select their books at the library or a bookstore. This is a great way to build enthusiasm among kids about reading. 

How Often Should Your Little One Read Books? 

Educators generally recommend reading books from 10 to 30 minutes every day. You can also ask your kid’s teacher how much time per day would be helpful for your child’s development. Make a note of your child’s favorite books as well. 

What To Look For In A Children’s Book? 

A children’s book is known to incorporate good habits within your child. So, always make sure you choose the right book for your kids. Make sure to look for the below-mentioned things in your child’s book. 

  • Quality: Whenever you’re searching for a book in the bookstore or a library, always think about your kid’s reading experience. 
  • Reading Level: As children grow older, parents should aim for just the right books and check the reading level of those books. 


Your little one would love the books mentioned above. Including this habit of reading in your child is essential. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible in case of any queries. Happy Reading!

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