Tips To Help You Win At Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting requires adequate knowledge of not only the game but also regarding the betting system. You must also remember that you have to choose only legal betting apps in India, because there are many fraudulent bookmakers. Having information not only about your favourite cricket players and teams but every one of them across the globe and also the various elements in the game is a prerequisite for being able to predict the various outcomes of different cricket matches successfully. You have to follow the sport religiously and stay updated with all the recent news regarding it. But to get better at betting, you need to use various tactics and be consistent at making good bets.

To help you get started with online cricket betting and make you a better punter on cricket betting apps legal in India, we have listed below a few tips.

Choosing a Betting Strategy

Picking and finding the best strategy that you are comfortable with, is crucial. The only way to do that is by trying out all the strategies and choosing the one that suits you the most. Although beginners and inexperienced punters should stick to safe and working strategies, such as aiming for bets that have high chances of you winning and a lower profit margin. Ensuring that you start slow and steady by placing bets with the least amount of risk will help you gain confidence and your love for the game will evolve. But if you want to take a chance at becoming a better punter, you can try out some of these popular betting strategies.

  • Dogon strategy: It is a purely mathematical strategy in which to cover up all the losses you have incurred in the previous rounds, you double the stakes at every round. This strategy is vastly popular among beginners and it is only sustainable for a short amount of time.
  • Flat betting: It is a simple betting strategy where the amount of money placed in each stake remains the same. 
  • ‘Percentage of Bank’ cricket betting strategy: To apply this strategy, the sum of money you use to place your bet should remain equal to a fixed percentage of your bankroll.
  • Oscar’s grind: This strategy is similar to the first one. After every winning round, you double the betting amount in the next one. Do not change the betting amount if you lost the previous round.
  • Ladder system: After winning a bet, you bet the amount of profit you earned in the next round.
  • Danish system: It is a progressive betting strategy in which you need to increase the odds by at least 0.5 and the stake by one unit.
  • Parley betting strategy: To use this strategy, accumulate all your single wagers into one big bet.
  • Double chance betting: In this betting strategy, you bet on two out of the three possible outcomes of a match.

Trying Live Betting

If you failed to place any bets before the beginning of the match, you can opt for live betting. Live betting allows you to place bets when the match is live and ongoing. You need to predict accurately what’s going to happen in the next few moments of the match to earn money. After spending some time watching the ongoing match, it becomes easier for you to predict the various outcomes and you stand a better chance of earning some profits. Seeing how the batsman is performing in the match, whether he is struggling or is hitting each ball from the middle of the bat, will help you place more winning bets.   Although live betting comes with its set of risks, you still can expect returns from your bets as many things can happen in the middle of a match. You can also opt for simulated reality league betting. Tournaments such as the Simulated Reality League: Big Bash League and the Simulate Reality League: Indian Premier League are great for beginners to get introduced to this type of betting and also good for off-season periods.

Selecting Matches

After becoming an expert punter and being comfortable at betting, try placing bets with higher odds. Make use of the under-utilised markets and place your bets on less obvious cricket betting markets. Betting on highly unpredictable matches have higher profit margins and will help you win large sums of money. Having various markets might seem like ways for you to lose your money, but you should instead see it as possible ways for you to extract money from the bookmaker. But to be successful at doing this, you need to have abundant knowledge regarding cricket and be confident enough to make difficult predictions.

Don’t Chase your Losses

Losing can be frustrating, and more so if money is involved. After experiencing failure from bets that they thought were to be winning, some people tend to go crazy and out of control. They give in to their negative emotions and lose their ability to think both analytically and critically. This kind of behaviour only leads to further losses and makes one summon their own ruin. To avoid becoming like this, try to treat your losses with respect. Understand the mistakes you made and make the necessary changes to make sure that you do not commit the same mistakes again in your future bets. Treat it as a learning experience and as a motivation for you to win. Inexperienced punters tend to give into the tempts of hope and their wishful thinking, and place similar types of bets even after suffering previous losses from the same. For example, always having expectations that your team will do well and placing bets on them, even though they have not been performing competently and have an inferior side compared to the opposition.

Online cricket betting has more to it than luck. Using these tips might help you win more games if applied efficiently. Earning an income from online cricket betting might seem easy and trustable, but do not make the mistake of getting addicted to it. It has many risks and contains its own share of flaws. Maintain a healthy outlook towards betting and enjoy every bit of it.

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