Tips for maximizing the protection provided by sun hats

The options are many if you are looking for sun hats as these are available in a variety of styles and materials. But if you are looking for a straw sun hat that turns you into a fashion icon during the summer days, then do not look beyond a straw fedora.  The straw fedoras do not have any parallel when it comes to functionality and comfort because it provides one of the most practical solutions to sun protection. At the same time, it will make you look stunningly stylish that will surely make heads turn when you walk into a crowd.  So, you now understand why no discussions about sun hats can ever be complete without mentioning straw fedoras that can make men and women look at their fashionable best.

Straw hats are a more generic description that includes a lot of materials that have straw-like properties.  Straw is an agricultural product that fulfills the need for comfort and functionality in equal measures when used for hat-making. Straws can be of different types depending on their origin and are available across all countries, which makes it’s a popular material for making hats that look stylish while fulfilling the needs of sustainable living. Straw hats are popular across cultures and countries and liked by people in rural areas as in cities.

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Hats for sun protection

Although hats are fashion accessories, these offer good protection from weather elements, especially the harmful UV rays of the sun. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a balance between fashion and function when choosing hats, which helps to get the most from the hat.  When you are venturing outside and spending most of the daytime outdoors, it is natural that you would like to minimize the harmful exposure to the sun, for which you should use some sun hat. The UV rays of sunlight are detrimental to the skin and can even cause skin cancer. Therefore, wearing a sun hat is essential for people living in tropical countries where the sun shines brightly for most of the year.

What are sun hats?

It is hard to define sun hats because you can use any style of hats to prevent sun rays from reaching your face and neck directly, thereby reducing the chances of skin damage and related problems. As long as the hat provides proper protection from the sun rays, you can treat it as a sun hat. Since every hat provides some degree of protection from sunlight, it might seem that all hats are sun hats. However, the truth is that only a selected few can provide maximum safety and are designated as true sun hats like the Panama hats, fedora hats, Floppy hats, etc.

The design is special

Although sun hats may be of different styles, they have some commonalities in protecting the wearer from harmful exposure to sunlight. When you wear a sun hat, you are sure that your face and most parts of the neck remain under the shade as the hat design prevents the sun rays from reaching those parts. That is the minimum requirement that any sun hat has to provide, or else it is not a sun hat at all. For providing minimal protection, sun hats typically have some similarities in design. The crowns are of standard height and the brims quite broad so that the circumference of the hat casts a big shadow around the face and neck. The size of the shadow determines the level of protection.  It depends on the brim width and other factors like the sun’s position in the sky and the angle you wear the hat.

How to maximize sun protection

The basic design of sun hats offers a certain degree of protection that you can increase by knowing how to wear the hat according to the position of the sun. The time of the day when you are outside impacts the way you should wear the sun hat. For example, during the early hours in the morning, when the sun is in the ascending trajectory, the sun rays reach the earth angularly, and during this time, you need to incline or tilt your hat to the front or side a little more so that it obstructs the sun rays from reaching your face.

The same happens when the sun is setting, and the sun rays almost graze the earth’s surface, and your hat needs the necessary adjustment to cut off the sun rays from touching your face and neck. It is enough to wear the hat to ensure that it sits flatly on your head. Thus you can get all the protection you require.

No sun hats can offer total protection, and knowing how to maximize them is the key to get the most from sun hats.

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