Tips for a Successful Mixed Religion Wedding in Dubai

Planning a mixed religion wedding in UAE can be very tricky. It is very likely for you to face these three major challenges: looking for a marriage officiant, successfully combining 2 sets of traditions so both you and your partner’s families don’t get upset, and creating a wedding ceremony in Dubai that truly reflects your common values and commitment. If you have a spouse that doesn’t have the same religious affiliation as you, issues can really take on an international summit’s complexity. This is why it’s necessary for you to take these tips to heart to prevent a roadblock and ensure a successful Dubai mixed religion wedding.

  • Take at least a one-year engagement

You should have a very long engagement if you and your partner are of different religions. This time is crucial in identifying and working on reconciling the issues that are likely to arise when you get married in Dubai. Religion as the issue, with its role in your marriage, wedding ceremony, and future family together with your spouse, is to be examined closely. It’s necessary that you discuss certain religious practices that you want to continue observing, most especially when the two of you raise children of your own. There is nothing that has to be set in contract or stone; however, it is very important that you remain open with your expectations for your future with your partner and family.

  • Collect critical information

Take courses on both of your religions. It is fine if you don’t plan on practicing your spouse’s religion at home. A study on the religion of your partner will allow you in getting a better understanding with his/or assumptions and beliefs, and vice versa. You can even go for counseling!

Consult the clergy of your own religion, as well as your partner’s. Get counsel from someone that has training with family counseling. This is to help you in discussing the dire issues that you’re currently facing. Contact as well a therapist or family planning organization for more objective counseling. Take note: this has to be done prior to the religious or court marriage in Dubai.

  • Remain patient with the parents

If the folks have been having a difficult time in dealing with the differences in religion, try very hard in understanding that they’re mourning for the unfulfilled expectations. Always remember that you should never take anything personally as this is the key in maintaining peace, most especially with your in-laws. Allow both you and your partner’s families in adjusting to the idea of having a mixed religion wedding in Dubai or even a court marriage in Dubai. There is no need in getting defensive as simply time is needed for adjustments to be made.

  • Visit your families early and often

Visit early, and visit often. A mixed religion wedding necessitates a gradual or partial ‘moving in’ onto another culture and faith. Spending time with the parents of your future spouse and your partner spending time with your parents can be very good and an introductory course with what to expect.

  • Find the best marriage officiant

Select the marriage officiant who will make you and your partner feel comfortable, even when there are two religions involved with the union. More often than not, a marriage officiant from the UAE Ministry of Justice’s Marriage Department is the best option. Court marriage in Dubai is great as there’s no religious affiliation. Also, you should ask around. There is a high probability that you already know a mixed religion couple. You can ask them regarding their marriage and for recommendations on a local officiant in performing the mixed religion wedding.

  • Include both families and both faiths

Listen to the views and expectations of both families for the wedding day. After which, you can then decide on how you should proceed with your partner. Discuss the choices with your future spouse and both of your families. Make sure that you’re open and honest from the very beginning, so that they know what is in your mind. A lot of couples make a wedding program which includes transliterations and explanations for specific religious customs. This is so family members, relatives, and friends are able to understand and participate even when there are unfamiliar traditions.

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  • Consult with a marriage attorney in Dubai

You would want your mixed religion or interfaith wedding to be considered legal and valid in the eyes of the law. It is, therefore, necessary that you speak with a marriage attorney in Dubai. The legal professional can help you not only in ensuring that your union will be legal, but also in gathering the required documents for your upcoming wedding.

If you want more information regarding mixed religion weddings, consult only the reputable specialists in Dubai such as Dubai Court Marriage.

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