The Psychology of Escape Rooms: Why We Enjoy Locking Ourselves In and Solving Puzzles

Escape room games not only stimulate our minds but also have a positive impact on our social relationships. Few leisure activities bring people together while also developing cognitive abilities. Why would someone choose to be locked in and have to escape within a time limit? There is an explanation for this, so let’s explore it!

Building team cohesion

During a team-building event collective thinking, creativity, and communication with other players are essential. The path to finding the solution involves the punctual solving of logical puzzles and teamwork. The tasks are diverse, requiring skills that might not be apparent at the beginning of the game.

Roles emerge

As time ticks away, the participants become more and more excited. As the game progresses, it’s worth observing the roles that emerge within the group as different personalities become more evident. Escape games encourage collaboration and working towards a common goal. Time is pressing, requiring spontaneous ideas, and a diverse group of individuals regarding personalities must work together to escape the room. Conflicts may arise in such an intense game.

How does the escape room affect the group?

The essence of escape rooms lies in creating an atmosphere for shared experiences. Joint efforts bring team members together and if they manage to escape, they form a shared memory. After the escape, participants can give each other feedback on the tasks and their solutions. Overall, by the end of the game, we become more connected and get to know each other better.

The Psychology of Escape Rooms


The ambiance captivates you from the very beginning. Rooms with unique themes keep you constantly engaged, refreshing you physically and mentally. It’s always important to keep an eye on the time since it flies by quickly during the game.


Everyone’s activity is crucial throughout the game, making escape rooms an active leisure activity. Nevertheless, participants feel energized during the game because the experience of finding the way out is mentally refreshing. The excitement, akin to that of a child, stays with you until the end of the game.


Escape rooms specifically inspire players, as they require creative thinking. It allows everyone to leave behind their everyday worries and concentrate on solving the tasks together. Once someone has experienced an escape room game, they will surely seek similar experiences in the future.


The game requires us to solve complex tasks and thrive in a new environment. The themed room completely immerses us, and our hidden abilities come to the surface. In an environment far from reality, team members can gain new experiences.

Who is it recommended for?

Escape rooms are recommended for anyone seeking an exciting activity. If you enjoy being in the company of others and that feeling combines with a thirst for adventure then it’s time to head to an escape room!

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