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The Importance of a Sleigh Bed | Ottoman Beds

No one doubts that the Sleigh Beds is the fundamental pillar of our rest and one of the most important pieces of furniture in our house. In it we recover after a long day at work, we enjoy with our partner and we watch our favorite movies and series. But for the Sleigh Bed, it is not only important the material from which it is made or its comfort, its placement, and orientation in the room are also essential so that we can sleep in the most optimal way.

You should avoid sticking the Sleigh Bed to the wall, if possible, to be able to enter from both sides. As for the position of the Sleigh Bed, as we have said before, it is preferable to place it with the back facing north and the feet facing south. Aside from this preferable orientation, either is fine as long as you don’t position the Sleigh Bed with your feet facing the front door. This orientation is similar in many cultures since traditionally, when someone died, the body was placed in this way, with the feet facing the entrance door to be able to remove it better.

Traditionally, in our culture the north orientation has been considered the most optimal for sleep; and in this case, the popular wisdom is correct. If we observe wild animals, most sleep according to this orientation to rest better.

The explanation is related to the magnetic orientation of the earth and the polarization of our cells. The earth is a huge magnet with two poles, north, and south, which generate a magnetic field of great intensity that affects both living beings and the inert matter of our planet. Our cells are made up of electrons and protons, among others, with their positive and negative charges. By sleeping aligned with the north we facilitate rest because we do not interfere with the earth’s magnetic flux that goes in a north-south direction.

Each person spends a third of their existence in Sleigh Bed and a good rest depends on a large part on their quality of life. Hence the importance of the mattress, the place where it rests for about eight hours every day. However, according to a report by Ikea, the Spanish despise the relevance of this support and do not pay attention when buying one: half do not try it, and only one in ten lies down for ten minutes to see if it suits them.

“Rest is not just a physiological need: it is synonymous with health,” says the report, which is entitled Ikea Consultation on Rest. For this reason, he points out that the rest equipment (base, mattress, and pillow) must be the most appropriate to the ‘constitution and needs’. Each person has their perfect mattress, and the key to finding it lies in choosing the right one for the buyer’s physical conditions. “The most important thing is that it adapts to our morphological characteristics and our sleeping posture,” says the report by the Swedish company. The two factors to consider are height and weight; the higher they are, the firmer mattress should be chosen.

But to be successful in the election you have to be patient. “The buyer must test the mattress in its usual resting position, and long enough to decide if it adapts to its constitution or not,” sums up Benito Milano, a physiotherapist for the UK Football Federation.

From Ikea, it is recommended that, in case of sleeping as a couple, the purchase is made between the two of you. Despite this, 20% of those interviewed who admitted sharing their Sleigh Bed with someone closed the purchase alone. And the thing is that the mattress belongs to one: that is why, in so many couples, one of its members does not rest well while the other sleeps like a dormouse. As a solution, the report argues that, if the couple has very different morphological characteristics, they must sleep on two different mattresses. In this case, separate Sleigh Beds can save the relationship.

Regarding the proper posture for sleeping, ‘there is no universal formula, but each individual must find their own. But the fetal position is more advisable, while it is better to avoid sleeping on your stomach, ‘says Milano. Depending on the position, each person will benefit from a mattress of one firmness or another.

The Ikea report also highlights that latex mattresses are on the rise, compared to the traditional spring ones. “It is a material that adapts very well to the body and produces a very pleasant feeling of rest,” explains Paloma Pérez, Marketing Director of Ikea Ibérica.

Finally, the report offers a series of ‘tips for better sleep’. According to these recommendations, it is not advisable to carry out activities in bed for which the mattress is not ergonomically prepared, such as reading (67% of those surveyed do so) or watching television (47%).

On the contrary, having a light dinner or taking a hot bath allows you to rest more relaxed. Visit sleeprepublic for more assissance with buy mattress.

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