The Fool-Proof CBD Oil Massage Recipe Anyone Can Make at Home

A good massage has been shown to help treat a wide variety of bodily ills, such as back pain, insomnia, anxiety, muscle and joint injuries, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. And nothing makes a massage more enjoyable than the use of massage oil. Recently there has been an uptick in CBD-infused massage oils on the market, which has led many to ask if it is possible to make such a massage oil at home.

Making your own CBD massage oil is not only possible, but it’s also a fun and easy project that can compound the benefits of massage with the therapeutic relief that CBD use provides. This is because the skin has cannabinoid receptors that can absorb CBD quickly and efficiently, requiring only a few drops of massage oil per use.

And you may choose to make your own CBD massage oil for several reasons, to give out as gifts, for personal use, to save money, or just to try for yourself. Whatever reason you have, we’ve created the following guide to help you create your own CBD massage oil in no time. Be sure to read on for all the helpful tips and tricks you will need to make a quality CBD massage oil you can enjoy anytime the moment strikes!

Why Make Your Own CBD Massage Oil?

As stated above, there are many reasons why you may choose to make your own CBD massage oil, we will highlight three of our favorite benefits of doing so below.

  • It can save you money. Some regular massage oils can be quite expensive, add in CBD to the formula and the cost can start to add up quickly. In comparison, making your own CBD massage oil can be a much more economical way to enjoy your massages. Because you aren’t paying for the expense of branding and marketing that many massage oil makers pass on to consumers.
  • You can personalize your oil. One of the best benefits of making your own massage oil is the amount of control you have over the final product. When you make your own CBD massage oil everything from the scent to the quality of the base oil, to how much CBD you add is completely up to you. You’ll also be able to ensure that your massage oil is free of things you don’t want, such as synthetic ingredients or needless filler.
  • It’s fun! Finally, making your own CBD massage oil can be a ton of fun! It is an easy DIY project that can be completed in as little as an hour. And the best part is, once you are familiar with the process, making the next batch becomes even easier. You can feel free to experiment by adding different fragrances and CBD concentrations. Excess CBD massage oil can easily be packaged and makes a great gift!

Making Your Own Massage Oil in 4 Easy Steps

So, now that we know why making your own CBD massage oil can make sense, let’s next discuss the actual process of how you can do so. Below you will find all of the supplies that you need to make your own massage oil and the exact steps to take to ensure the process is a success. Of course, there are other methods you can try as well, this is just the simplest version, which we think is perfect for those that are new to making their own CBD massage oil.

What Supplies You Will Need:

To make your own CBD massage oil you will need the following tools and ingredients. While some items are essential, others may just make the activity easier, and still other ingredients, such as scents, will come down to personal choice.

  • A funnel: This is an essential tool if only because it will make pouring your CBD massage oil into its glass container a much easier and mess-free process.
  • A dark glass bottle: This will be what you store your massage oil in. In order to protect your final product from the ravages of sunlight, it is best to use a dark-colored glass container if possible.
  • Stirring rod: This can be anything you have laying around the house such as a spoon or whisk. We prefer a stirring spoon, like the type you would find used to make fancy cocktails.
  • Metal mixing bowl: You will want a bowl to mix all of your component ingredients in, we prefer a metal bowl as it won’t absorb or leach any ingredients into the CBD massage oil mixture.
  • Essential oils: These oils will be the primary method of adding fragrance to your massage oil. Popular choices include peppermint oil, lavender oil, citrus oil, eucalyptus oil, and sandalwood oil.
  • A carrier oil: This is the main oil that will make up the base upon which all the other ingredients will be added. Popular choices include olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, and Argan oil.
  • CBD Oil of your choice: Last, but certainly not least, you will need to choose a CBD oil to add to your massage oil. We recommend using a reputable brand such as Joy Organics (whose tinctures are best in class) so that you can be sure that you are getting a quality CBD product. Almost any CBD oil from a good brand should do the trick, just pay attention to the total cannabidiol content available, as this will impact the strength of your massage oil later.

First Decide on Your Formula

Once you have all of your equipment and ingredients gathered, it’s time to consider what formula you are going for. There are a few considerations you should take when deciding on what is right for your own CBD massage oil.

  • What “strength” do you want your massage oil to be? This will largely be decided by the quality of the CBD you are using along with how much you are planning to add. In general, CBD oils from reputable brands (such as Joy Organics which we’ve highlighted above) will be the most potent. How much or how little CBD you decide to add will have bearing on the strength of the product.
  • What fragrance appeals to you? While scents may seem like a secondary characteristic for a CBD massage oil, they actually can have a great influence on the end-user experience. The fragrance will be controlled through the addition of essential oils. For example, adding essential oils with lavender oil or peppermint oil may increase the calming effect that is already present in CBD.
  • What carrier oil is best for you? When it comes to choosing a carrier oil, the oil that your CBD will be suspended in, you may be tempted to just go with whatever you can find easily or is least expensive. Doing this can leave you with a subpar product, however, as not all carrier oils will work well for all users. For example, coconut oil would be a poor choice of carrier oil for those that have a nut allergy.

Next Add Carrier and Essential Oils

Once you have your formula set, it is time to get mixing. You will want to first combine your carrier oils with your essential oils. How much of each oil you will want to add will depend on the size of the container you hope to fill. In general, a mixture of 2oz of carrier oil and 15-20 drops of essential oils will be a good place to start, adding more of each as your situation dictates. Be sure to mix well until they are thoroughly combined.

Then Mix in Your CBD

Once your carrier oil and essential oils have been mixed, it’s time to add the CBD. This part can be tricky, as it will depend on what your desired dosage is, or how strong you want your final product to be. If this is your first attempt at making CBD massage oil, start with 120mg of CBD and go from there. Once you have added the CBD to your mixture and combined it thoroughly with your other oils you will be ready for bottling. Simply use the funnel to pour your massage oil into its glass bottle and you’re nearly done!

Finally, Tips on Using and Storing Your New CBD Massage Oil Properly

You might think you are done making your CBD massage oil once you’ve screwed on the bottle top, but not so fast! There are a few extra steps you should take to ensure that your CBD massage oil retains its peak freshness and quality.

First, be sure to store your massage oil in a dark and cool place, as humidity and sunlight will lead to some ingredients degrading over time. Be sure to label your end-product with the date and type of oil that it contains. Lastly, as long as your CBD massage oil is stored properly it should be effective for months, however, if it seems to have gone bad be sure to discard the remainder and make some more!

We’re Always Here to Help!

And there you have it, everything you need to know to make your own CBD massage oil right at home. We’ve gone over why you might want to make your own CBD massage oil, what tools and ingredients you’ll need, and we’ve even discussed the exact steps to take to produce a superior product of your own.

We hope you’ve learned something new about CBD massage oil along the way and maybe even been inspired to make some of your own. Have questions about what CBD oil online you can use in your own massage oil? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today with any queries or comments you may have! And, as always, thank you for reading!

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