The Evolution of Memes – Here’s What You Need to Know

Today memes occupy a wide space in almost every social media platform. Whether it is a harmless funny picture of a woman yelling at a cat or a cute baby Yoda seemingly sipping on coffee or funny cartoon caricatures critically commenting on political issues. The spectrum of internet memes has broadened extensively. There are times when internet users can take it too far, creating memes that trigger the mass’s sense of ethics but for the most part, they are just plain harmless fun.

Today the world of memes and gifs has surpassed the boundaries of social media platforms and now individual popular websites are revolutionizing the internet’s ‘meme game’ regularly. For Lustige bilder – witzige bilder | PutPut, is one such leading platform in Germany, where people come together and share their funny pictures and videos keeping themselves and others entertained.

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What Is Considered a Meme?

The term ‘meme’ was first coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene as a concept where ideas and thoughts tend to replicate and reformat themselves with every individual, just like the ‘memes’ of today. According to him, the meme is the culture parallel drawn to a gene. It can be ideas, behaviors, dressing styles, idioms and phrases, and so on.

An internet meme is based on a similar yet distinct concept. It is more a ‘contagious idea’ as explained in a 1998 interview of CNN. Memes can befunny pictures,videos, or texts which abruptly spreads across the internet virally reaching the mass with slight variations, just like a gene mutates itself.

Even the general meaning of the meme has gone through stages of evolution. The people’s ideas about memes in the 2000s aren’t remotely the same in 2021. The overall popularity of a meme depends on how well it resonates with the mass. One meme can have several interpretations and appeal to only a certain group of people, or globally to the general mass.

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The Start

Memes as a concept infiltrated the Internet in the mid-1990s. They obscurely appeared in platforms like 4chan and Ebaum’s World. Then memes were simply recognized as the cats who’d asked for ‘cheezburgers’, the ‘O rly?’ owl, the Kilroy guy, and a few more. A little later appeared the Chuck Norris Facts memes. And soon the internet crowd started recognizing and sharing the all-favorite Philosoraptor, Rick Rolling memes. Video memes started becoming viral with the onset of the Rick Rolling video. Eventually popular and lesser known platforms like Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and many more, saw the rise of memes, including the rise of a meme cult and culture.

Where They Stand Now? 

Some memes can make you think and some are just plain silly humor. Today they have become a conversational tool in everybody and everyday’s social interaction. Today memes are from global to local and can be found in casual conversations to an enterprise’s marketing strategy.

There are extensive types and subtypes such as – dank-memes, dark-humored memes, social memes, political memes, current world event memes, TV show memes, niche memes, nonsensical memes, cultural memes, and many more.

At the end of the day, it is a source of comical relief from day-to-day life. Today relationships can be strengthened with the help of memes whether it is by bonding to a similar meme taste or sending silly funny pictures when the other person is not having the best day. It is wonderful how a singular funny picture can have such an impact on the mass’s day-to-day life.

Before memes used to take a longer time to become viral however, their popularity lasted longer than today’s memes. Today’s memes are popular overnight, are easier to make but their popularity longevity has comparatively become quite short. However, we do still have our favorites who’d probably not slip our minds easily. There is Kermit the Frog, SpongeBob Square pants, Michael Scott from the Office, Willy Wonka, and many more.

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