The Best Provider to buy a star

Have you ever imagined owning your own star in the sky? One thing that many companies have done is come up with this idea, they let you buy a star and label it after a person of your choice.

In choosing a name for your own star, however, it is important to determine which service provider you will use, and here is a provider with varying star ratings for variety, costs, customer service, delivery, extras, and more.

Registration of the Star

There are three distinct star packages available, ranging in price from $40 to $100, that are guaranteed to be visible from anywhere in the world wherein you have complete control on the look and feel of your star by customizing the certificate style and adding a personal dedication.

Frame, Swarovski star, and Zodiac sign necklace are all optional extras that can be added to your certificate, your star will be added to the Star Register, where it will be available to anybody in the globe for the rest of time.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, you may use a specialized Android or iOS application to identify one’s star at a certain time and from any location.

When you order before 2 pm, your package will arrive the same day with a certification, a celestial map, and a datasheet on your star. All orders are dispatched by a courier and usually arrive between 1-3 business days and you will also be emailed a PDF copy so you may exhibit something before receiving the hard copies.

On the website, you can learn about star constellations, signs, astrology, and celestial occurrences, the customer service reacts rapidly to requests and implements them in a flexible manner.

Naming Stars

You can customize the star’s brightness, the date, and the name and the payment procedure is simple and quick, and they have a variety of options for payment, unfortunately, shipping adds up to US$15, if you want a 24-hour delivery, otherwise, it takes 1-3 days.

It’s possible to learn about constellations and zodiac signs on the Star Naming website, as well as get creative ideas for naming stars. The customer support is kind and helpful, although responses might be slow.

Online Registration

Their online registration is cluttered with too much information, so choosing amongst their star packages is initially challenging.

It has a wealth of information on your star, as well as instructions on how to locate your particular star in the sky at night plus the website also features an astronomy blog, news, recommendations, and presents.

Star Name Registries

Getting an idea of what services is easy thanks to the site’s informative design, you can buy a star in eight different packages and they include:

  • registry record
  • name certificate
  • map

You can also add extras like a frame, gift box, space projector, poster, etc. for an extra fee, however, in addition to astronomical information, the website provides only a list of zodiac signs and a few more constellations to look for.


It’s no surprise that there are so many sources to choose from when buying a star. So, to summarize our advice: Finding your star is easy with a sophisticated registration app and helpful advice.

Individual certificates for each star and registration are included as part of every package wherein it includes an app for locating your star, they have great customer service and are willing to listen to your ideas.

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