The Benefits of Looking Far and Wide for Digital Marketing Inspiration

Getting a business off the ground can feel like a major achievement, but there is plenty to consider once you have reached that point.

Marketing is an important issue and, in this day and age, digital forms of promotion have really taken off. However, what approaches should you take and where can you look for inspiration?

Analyzing what other firms in your sector are doing might be a starting point, but you should not dismiss the idea of looking at other areas too.

Fresh approaches

By examining marketing tactics used further afield, you might be able to identify fresh approaches that could capture the attention of potential new customers. There is also no need to focus purely on obvious areas either.

For example, how many times have you considered looking at trends in the online casino world? It might not be an obvious place to consider, but it is a sector that is doing very well at present. In fact, at the end of last year, Brandessence Market Research suggested that the online gambling market could be worth $77.42 billion by 2026. With this in mind, it could be an area to look at if you’re an online-focussed operation.

So, how do casino brands showcase their services? Well, one common tactic is through promotions. Sites tend to offer a range of deals to attract new players and this is highlighted by a brand like Casino Masters in India. The site features several offers, including a welcome promotion that gives new players a match bonus on their first deposit and free spins on the Twin Spin game. Such deals aim to give people the chance to sample everything the sites have to offer, so is there a possibility you could do something similar? Would an introductory deal work for your business?

Getting social

Away from promotional offers, it might be worth looking at the different ways that brands make use of social media.

A huge number of us access these platforms daily and the Sprout Social blog last year outlined some of the approaches that brands take to marketing on them. For instance, it detailed how the likes of Lush and The Everygirl encourage user-generated content by asking people to share via a specific hashtag. The site added that some brands also use Facebook Messenger chatbots to engage with individuals.

Elsewhere, it is worth noting new trends, such as live stream shopping events. Walmart partnered with TikTok to host one of these in March, with the focus being on beauty products. In an article, it explained that the event gave consumers the chance to shop for items within the actual app. Could that be a possibility for your offering?

Plenty going on

All in all, the idea of ‘digital marketing’ covers a host of different concepts these days. From promotions to social media and even live-streamed events, there is a huge amount going on.

As such, it might be useful to look far and wide to understand the approaches available right now. You never know, a little bit of marketing inspiration may come from the most unexpected of places.

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