The Beauty Box: Why Should You Have One?

People keenly interested in the makeup industry often feel confused on the aspect of “What’s the next step?” and experience a mind-block. The thing about makeup is that it is not limited to a few products or types of beautifying elements. Many people use makeup as an art form; others use it for their appearance. 

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A beginner in makeup should strive to learn more about the industry, the products, and its possibilities irrespective of their objectives. Doing so will help them understand makeup better and decrease the sense of confusion where they do not know what to do to improve their skills. 

The best way to achieve such an experience is to subscribe to Beauty Boxes. The beauty box helps emerging makeup artists get acquainted with new products. Even for people who seemly enjoy makeup as a hobby, beauty boxes will allow them to explore more about their interests concerning makeup. There are different types of Beauty Boxes, focusing on other areas of makeup, cosmetics, skincare, hair, etc. Let’s understand the details of what makeup boxes are and what all they contain: 

What is a Beauty Box?

Beauty Box is a specially curated package with different products, samples, and tools for beautifying. Several companies, brands, and businesses, have begun creating beauty boxes for subscriptions. The increasingly popular initiative is beneficial for both the customer and the industry. There can be broadly two types of Beauty Boxes, which are most famous; random and custom. Random beauty boxes are in demand, as it comes with curiosity and allow customers to explore new products to enhance their skills and knowledge. 

Any person can use these at all and do not limit makeup artists. It can also be a fun gift, where both the receiver and giver of the facility will be in for a surprise. Random beauty boxes are curated by businesses and are mostly filled with samples to increase their brand image. Customized beauty boxes are mainly specialized for people familiar with a brand and wish to have specific products; for people who know what they are getting. 

Types of Beauty Boxes!

The types of makeup, or beautification, a person can be involved in – beauty boxes are alike. They have specific target areas for care and makeup. Some of them which are highest in demand are as follows:

  • Makeup Products

This type of beauty box is the most popular of all. It offers makeup products that may be limited edition, making people invest more in the box – it also features samples of new products. The fun thing about makeup beauty boxes is that it allows individuals to try out products that they have never used before. Moreover, for artists who are in a rut and do not know what to explore next, beauty boxes bring them novel opportunities to try out things they might not have heard of before 

  • Skincare

This beauty box best comes if not randomized, mainly because everyone has a different skin type and is sensitive to varying products. What can be done is you look for a beauty box that specifies which skin type it is made for – if you wish to receive a surprise package. However, skin care beauty boxes are mostly customized, and they consist of products that a person uses routinely for the health and glow of their skin 

  • Haircare

In the same light as skincare, Haircare Beauty Boxes are also, more often than not, customized. It’s not only the texture of the hair that matters in the case of hair care, but also its condition about thickness or thinness, and especially whether you have coloured or bleached your hair or not. Isn’t this information an exciting thing that you should know?

The hair care beauty boxes can be great for when you do not know what to use for the health of your hair, and specify your needs to a website or company that can provide you the guidance of an expert with the right hair care products for your beautiful locks.

Other than these three main categories, several concrete beauty boxes are made for a particular target audience that lives for the efficiency of the beauty box more, rather than the surprise aspect of it. 

Vegan Beauty Boxes are made for environmentally conscious individuals who lead a vegan lifestyle. Seasonal Beauty Boxes are pretty popular, and as the name says, they follow the seasons’ trends and popularize based on that aspect. 

In the name of trend, there are also specifically randomized beauty boxes – but curate carefully – to fit the currently in-demand trends. These types of Trend Beauty Boxes are most common amongst beauty gurus who make a video, or blog, content – in which they reveal their experience with the beauty box that they received and whether they recommend it or not. 

Should you get a beauty box?

Beauty Boxes are usually a subscription sort of deal, but you can make it a one-time thing; there is no necessity to subscribe. The subscription part is mainly famous amongst avid makeup artists, who constantly challenge themselves and explore new ideas with new makeup, or skincare, products. 

As an average Joe, one might want to try their hands on the phenomenon of Beauty Box – and they would not be disappointed. Beauty Boxes allow you to enter unchartered makeup areas, which increase your creativity in terms of makeup as an art. Likewise, for people who put makeup simply for the sake of it, beauty boxes allow them to find what they genuinely like and what looks good on them. 


Several people stick to one type of makeup style for quite a long time, and there is nothing wrong with that – not everyone has to follow the trend. Therefore, Beauty Boxes become a gateway for such individuals to find their style while individuality. The Beauty Box is, thus, beneficial for everyone; no matter how much of an expert you are at makeup or deeply involved in skincare, you are.

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