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Signs That Your Team is in a Desperate Need of a Helpdesk Software

Are bad experiences driving your customers away? Are you looking for some external aid to elevate your brand’s customer experience? Well, we might have the right thing for you! Leveraging free helpdesk software can save up to 670 working hours per year, reduce the number of phone calls by 10%, and allow 25% of your help desk resources to be available for other essential tasks. This way you can not only save your support team’s precious time but also improve relationships with your customers.  

But what is help desk software?

A help desk software is an AI-based customer support software that enables the customer support team to track user requests and resolve customer queries in a timely manner. It helps the team in performing mundane tasks quickly and analyze the overall performance for future considerations. Not just that, it manages your email communication, makes collaborations with your teammates easier, and enables multichannel communication. 

But do you really need help desk software? Read through the following signs to determine whether your support team is in desperate need of help desk software.

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1. Your team struggles to juggle complaints from multiple channels

On average, a conventional enterprise uses more than 460 custom channels to function. A small customer support team can find it tedious to check on various media and ensure quick and relevant responses. The multichannel support feature of a free helpdesk software allows all consumer grievances to be redirected to a single portal, offering you better accessibility, thereby making you better equipped to handle them. It also ensures that all customer problems communicated through various channels are addressed, guaranteeing appropriate redressal of your consumers’ grievances using AI.

2. There have been several complaint backlogs due to lack of productivity

Without adequate resources, your customer support team is likely to get overwhelmed with the monotonous and repetitive nature of consumer complaints in large numbers. Backlogs might result in complaints getting ignored or a call for increased productivity to get the work done. A Hubspot research suggests that 90% of customers find it essential to receive an immediate response to their customer support questions. A helpdesk software like Freshdesk is immune to such logistical nightmares and is extensively equipped to handle as many mundane queries as possible in the smoothest way using AI. Using various automation tools, Freshdesk, you can notice trends, set priorities, assign tickets to the right agents, and enable a faster resolution to increase your productivity.

3. Your team is wasting their precious time to answer the same questions repeatedly

A free helpdesk software resolves various consumer problems and helps data upkeeping of those solutions over time. One doesn’t have to start from scratch for repetitive queries. Over time, a knowledge bank of such problem-solution pairs gets generated through the AI, which best equips the consumer to solve their problems efficiently. In fact, in 2019, 25% of customer services were automated using AI and Machine Learning, and the number is rising exponentially. 

4. Your team has expressed a difficulty in maneuvering between several tools

Not all enterprises have similar problem statements and queries. Different working models and systems in an enterprise may require particular problem-solving tools. A free helpdesk software can help you integrate the tools you use, thereby making your support system extraordinarily resourceful and efficient.

 5. There is not enough data to analyze the current response trends and make appropriate operational changes

Using a helpdesk software allows you to research various data points that help you identify trends in your enterprise and the industry in general. 62% of organizations have some analytics or reporting system, as suggested by Deloitte.  Forbes mentioned that 65% of companies say improving their data analysis is very important to delivering a better customer experience. A helpdesk software like Freshdesk helps you monitor your team and make appropriate data-driven decisions to meet your monthly support targets. 

6. You are losing customers due to ineffective customer experience services

Last but not least, using helpdesk software to solve your consumer problems ensures a happy customer and one that sticks around for a long time. This results in strong customer retention that would not have been feasible in an environment with an inefficient consumer redressal system. The last thing you want is to lose your laboriously acquired customers to a competitor. Studies, like one from Zendesk, mention that 40% of customers begin purchasing from a competitor because of their excellent customer service reputation.

If your team has been struggling with one or more casualties mentioned above, considering a help desk software would be a smart choice. Regardless, it is crucial to understand that upping your customer support game makes a lot of difference. As PwC stated, one out of three people, of the total 15,000 surveyed, said they would leave a brand due to unsatisfactory customer service. 

But why is it so? 

One of the most significant expectations of several customers today is superior Customer Experience (CX). So much so that in 2020 exceptional customer experience has superseded the importance of both the product and price. Also, 96% of customers reveal that customer service is an essential factor in their choice of loyalty towards a brand. CX is viewed as a competitive differentiator not just by the customers but also by 81% of companies. Efficient customer support is an essential part of CX since 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer perceives they are being treated, as McKinsey suggested. Delayed responses, backlogged complaints, and unresolved queries directly impact the branding and sales of an organization.

Hence, opting for a helpdesk software like FreshDesk is one of the easiest ways to make a remarkable growth in Customer Experience (CX).  It helps your customers build trust in your brand and become loyal customers. A Hubspot research suggests that 93% of customers are likely to repeat their purchases with companies who offer superior customer service. Therefore, a remarkable customer experience also helps your brand in increasing customer retention. A Bain study mentions that a 5% increase in customer retention can produce 25% more profit. Therefore, excellent customer support has a direct impact on a brand’s sales and revenue generation.

If you believe that your team requires some aid to enhance your brand’s overall customer support, Vaughan Potter, the head of customer services at Hamleys, recommends Freshdesk for its services like multichannel support and automation analytics, self-service, integrations, and 24*7 customer service. It might just be what you need too!

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