Seating arrangement on a dhow cruise

The dhow cruise is the name that doesn’t need any kind of introduction. This dhow cruise can be enjoyed easily just by putting a finger on the book now. You will be provided with a full form of entertainment on this attractive dhow cruise. The seating arrangement is easily understood. The presence of two decks within the structure of a dhow cruise gives its sitters ease. There are a limited number of sittings that are taken by us on the dhow cruise. This seating arrangement prevents over crowding on the dhow cruise. Either you choose a dhow cruise or Both the marina and the creek have two decks. Because of its construction, features, and quality, the Dhow cruise holds a lot of appeal.

Decks on the dhow cruise.

By viewing the pictures of the Dhow Cruise Dubai, you will be well aware that it possesses a double deck within it. The one with a roof located on the lower portion is known as the lower deck of the dhow cruise. While the upper one, without any roof over it and located on the upper portion, is known as the upper deck of the dhow cruise. These decks will be helpful in providing you with the best sitting experience. The dhow cruise creek and marina carries a whole journey with special events within it. These decks create a charming environment on the dhow cruise. The Dhow Cruise contains this system in order to give you an experience through comfortability.

Lower deck setting

The lower deck has a roof over it. The whole lower deck is composed of the windows on its sides in order to give you a clear view of the outside. These windows are made up of clear glass. There is the facility of the air conditioners on the dhow cruises through the creek or marina. However, this facility is available on the upper portion. The sitting depends on you. Wherever you want to sit, it’s your own choice. We don’t book a particular table for clients. The lower deck is fully closed with the door, and the stairs here will lead you to the upper deck of the dhow cruise. These are revised and new adjustments in the seating arrangements on the lower deck are updated from time to time.

The upper deck of the dhow cruise

Like wise, on the lower deck, there is the facility to watch the whole scene from the dhow cruise. The upper deck of the Dhow Cruise is without a roof. There is fresh and refreshing air blowing throughout the deck. Here you can enjoy yourself if you are fond of smoking. Here it is not prohibited. As it is already in the open-air system, there is no need for any air conditioners on the dhow cruise upper deck. This deck of the dhow cruise will help you get a close insight into nature. Like the lower deck, you can sit at any table wherever you want, depending upon your choices. Particular table bookings made in advance are also not taken by us.

Desert Safari tours. 

Dubai city is known as the best sight because of the presence of the dhow cruise and desert safari within it. The desert safari is the city of Dubai’s most appealing feature.The desert safari is an idea that is not fading with the passing of time. However, its importance is increasing day by day due to the unique features that are adding up to this. This desert Safari can be booked through us any time. These are the spots that have a series of interesting shows within them. Like the shows of belly dancing, tanoura dancing is making it popular. The desert safari that is offered by us is of two types: one is in the morning and the other is in the evening. These can be attained by you easily according to your own free time.

Live shows in the Safari desert

The shows that take place during the desert safari will be your primary source of entertainment while in Dubai.The Desert Safari is a desert that will remind you of the old traditions of trading and life management. The concept and importance of desert safari are prevalent in Arabian culture.In the desert safari, the shows that are going on within it will take you into an entirely new world of entertainment. These live shows are the heart of the desert safari. The availability of the shows and music on the desert safari makes it much more attractive to its visitors.

Camel riding in the desert safari

One of the reasons behind choosing the Desert Safari as a visiting spot is its amazing camel riding feature. This camel riding will help in providing you with a full package of entertainment. It will provide you a time that is convenient to take this opportunity. There you will find our best guides for safe camel riding and information about these sites.

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