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Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say about your choice, but what you think is best, is also true when choosing clothes, accessories, make-up, life partner, or color wig. Unfortunately, this blog can’t help you choose, but it does help you choose the best color wig.

First of all, you need to check your skin tone or if you belong to a hot or cold family. For example, if you prefer gold headdresses when it comes to jewellery, you are likely to fall into the category of a passionate family. People who like to wear silver heads belong to a cool family.

There are many more factors to decide if you are hot or cold

  1. People with golden brown, green, turquoise, green-blue, brown flakes, or hazel with golden eyes are usually warm.
  2. In addition, their skin tone is yellow with peach or gold colors, brown with golden color, brown with pink color, peeled and skin tone.
  3. The natural hair color for warm people is usually red, strawberry blonde, dark brown with gold or red light, natural golden blonde, and gray with a yellow cast.
  4. Another way to check if you are a warm man is to look at the skin on your inner wrist, if you have a shade of green you will probably be warm.
  5. Finally, dark brown olive, golden and black skin is warm in brown eyes. Latinos, Asians and African Americans are hot.

When choosing a wig for warm skin color, one should avoid purple, blue, gray, and other ash-based colors that can wash off the skin’s scalp. Basically, a weak highlight wig is not a good choice for such people. Instead, choose wigs with golden bronze, caramel, and other colors that are deeper than their skin tone. Wigs that will look best on hot people include rich golden brown, deep warm brown, auburn, chestnut, golden blonde, red light, warm gold, etc. Also, any wig that has gold or red-orange will look great on it. They can try prominent wigs with copper stripes, golden blondes, and golden gray, as this will give their hair a warm tone. They should try to avoid jet black hair that can wash them out and if they are trying the golden shade they should stick to the heavy.

Let’s talk about cool skin tones.

They pay more attention to silver jewellery and have blue skin or green eyes. They are buried in their wrists before they turn into blue veins like ours.

Cool people’s eyes are colored:

  • Gray-blue or dark blue
  • Dark brown or dark brown
  • Gray or blue flakes
  • Hazel with white

Their skin tone is usually:

  • Brown or bronze when they tan
  • Very dark brown
  • True olive
  • Medium with golden endowments
  • A colorless medium in the cheeks
  • Yellow with dark pink
  • Yellow with no color in the cheeks

Their natural hair color is usually:

  • Dark enough brown
  • Blue-black
  • Dishwater blonde
  • Medium Ash Brown
  • Salt and pepper
  • Medium golden brown
  • White

Cool-toned person l. The best wig colors are cool brown, shiny jet blacks and cool blondes with shades from mini to platinum and icy white. They should avoid wigs with colorful golden blonde and yellow. They can be highlighted in honey, wheat, ash and type shades. They are advised to stick to neutral, beige and ash bases when choosing a wig color. Searchers are also lucky enough to wear a variety of good-natured hair colors such as burgundy, lipstick red, purple and arcade. People from cold families should not go for colors like yellow, gold, bronze and red. With warm heads, they will be stretched and visible.

Finally, I would like to say that sometimes you can be out of the box and choose colorful colors because sometimes it is fun to be weird. You can choose 613 blonde wig for your Halloween party costume. Feeling good about yourself from the inside out. So choose the ones that will boost your confidence and let you create your own style statement.

If you are still confused about choosing the color of your wig and you do not know what color to choose lace front wigs, you can talk to Crimean experts. Here, we help our customers match their wig with their personal style and guide them in choosing a wig that not only enhances their appearance but also adapts to their own style. Allows being needed.

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