Remote controlled lawn mowers – reviews and buying advice

Are you looking for information on Remote Control Lawn Mowers ? We wrote this guide to help you find the best solution for your needs.

The key element behind a beautiful , well-kept green lawn is the lawn mower .

But when this breaks and you have to replace it or when you just want to exchange it with a newer and more avant-garde model, how can you orient yourself in choosing a new or more recent model from the entire range of products on the market today?

The choice is certainly not easy but here comes this precious guide that will explain step by step what are all the features and functionalities of the remote control lawn mower to keep in mind before deciding which one to buy.

What are the main criteria for choosing a new lawn mower?

First of all, it will certainly be necessary to evaluate the characteristics and dimensions of the land on which you are going to use your new lawnmower and then also the frequency with which the work will be necessary.

Having established this, we can review the more specific technical aspects, first of all we start with the type of engine , carefully evaluating its power and consumption .

Someone particularly demanding can also focus on the noise by preferring a particularly quiet model. Then let’s look at the construction quality and the materials used and the ease and comfort of use even during the most intense jobs.

Finally, even the brand is certainly to be taken into consideration and of course in the final phase the decision is made by the price.

In this guide we will try to indicate the main features of this indispensable tool and which are the best remote controlled lawnmowers on the market .

The types of lawn mowers that we find on the market

Lawn mowers according to their main power supply can be classified into:

  • Lawn mowers with electric motor : they are suitable only for small or medium-sized gardens as their operation is linked to the cable connected to the power socket which, even if equipped with an extension, still makes their range of action rather limited. They are generally very light and comfortable to use;
  • Lawn mowers with petrol engine : undoubtedly recommended for a much more professional use than electric ones ; in fact, thanks to their power and structure, they are ideal for working on difficult and above all large terrain. From the counterpart, however, they are therefore much heavier and more polluting. The so-called small tractors also belong to this category, that is, developed in such a way as to allow the user to be able to sit on them while doing the work. Undoubtedly more comfortable and functional but also much less economical;
  • Motorless or helical lawnmowers : completely without motor, they work by pushing which, through a particular mechanism, allows the blade to rotate at the same time as the wheels. They are the cheapest lawn mowers that can be found and suitable only for small lawns and completely clean of stones or other objects that can damage the spiral blade which among other things often requires sharpening work;
  • Lawn mowers with lithium battery : among the latest arrivals on the market, these models combine the practicality of models with internal combustion engine with the lightness and manageability of electric ones. Certainly with zero pollution, however, they offer a rather limited autonomy which is around 40 minutes and which then forces us to stop to recharge or replace the battery with an already charged one. Not recommended for those who need to work on large dimensions or on slopes due to their limited power.

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