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Reasons to Check Domain Authority 

In search engine result pages (SERPs), Domain Authority (DA) measures how likely a website is to rank. Rankings are more likely to occur if the score is 100.

Domain Authority is a key component of Moz’s Open Site Explorer service. SERP rankings have shown, time and again, that websites with high DA scores rank higher than those with low DA scores. Both individual pages and entire websites have demonstrated that DA closely tracks Google PageRank.

How Does Domain Authority Work?

By looking at dozens of ranking signals, Domain Authority uses the same machine learning model as Moz’s toolbar (pro) to determine which algorithm correlates most strongly with real-world rankings across multiple search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) for thousands of different keywords.

Despite its complexity, Domain Authority does not rely on any one ranking metric. Instead, domain authority analyzes how many quality, quantity, and diverse inbound links point to a domain. Domain authority is defined as the probability of a given domain ranking for any given keyword across multiple search engines when these metrics are combined into an algorithm.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

When trying to assess “how good” or “bad” a domain’s domain authority is, there is no average DA score we can refer back to. Domain authority does not compare the domain authority of other domains with its own (for example, it does not compare domain X’s domain authority with domain Y’s domain authority, so domain X is twice as good). For example, you can use Domain Authority to determine how likely a domain is to rank well.

Top Reasons to Check Domain Authority

Domain Authority is important in ranking a site, and we must maintain a good DA score. But there are many reasons to check domain authority, and here we will see a few of them. 

Buying an Expired Domain

The SEO community knows about buying expired domain names. You may need to be made aware of this.

Due to their age and authority, expired domains are popular among SEO enthusiasts. However, they only target domains that meet their criteria.

Whenever they’re considering expired domains, they look at domain authority first.

Buying an expired domain is only worthwhile if the domain authority seems impressive. As a result, a reliable domain checker is essential. And you can use ETTVI’s DA PA Checker Tool, which is reliable and easy to use.

Selling a Website

There is a growing trend of flipping websites or domains these days. Websites and domains can be sold on Flippa and many other websites.

Domain authority is always considered when buyers analyze the quality and position of a domain.

As a seller pitches a site, they always provide additional information like page authority, domain authority, backlinks, keywords, and average monthly income and visitors.

So if you ever buy or sell a domain, you’d have to know the domain authority of the domain, anyway. 

Guest Posting on a Blog

In the past, guest posting was used to build links and improve SEO.

As search engines changed their algorithms, bloggers began looking for alternative methods to rank their articles and pages.

Bloggers and brands still do guest posting; the industry has yet to die completely. It has an entirely different purpose, however.

Today, bloggers and marketing experts guest post to promote their brands and provide value to others’ audiences.

Before pitching guest post ideas to blogs, guest posters often look at their domain authority.

Leaving a Comment

As a result of leaving a comment, you start a conversation with another blogger, which could establish a relationship between the two.

Blog commenting is a popular way for bloggers to engage with their audience. Many bloggers pay close attention to the domain authority of the blogs before they start commenting. Comments don’t necessarily result in SEO juice for the commenters, but they still matter.

Comments on other blogs are an excellent way to find new bloggers.

People are naturally curious about the domain authority of a blog before leaving a comment, so it’s understandable.

It is now clear why people are so interested in domain authority.

Why Should Your Business Care About Domain Authority?

DA wouldn’t matter in a perfect world. In real life, domain authority correlates with rankings to determine how well a website ranks. Therefore, domain authority is important for businesses – more traffic and conversions lead to more revenue when you rank higher in search results.


Domain Authority is an essential metric when we take about the authority of a site, and there are many tools available to check it so you can improve your DA. But there are other reasons too to check a site’s domain authority, and we mentioned almost all the reasons in the above article. Here we will recommend the DA PA checker tool by ETTVI if you need to check the DA PA of your site for any of the reasons mentioned above. 

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