Reasons people use bitcoin for making payments

Enjoy user autonomy

Fiat currencies have been a little tight when it comes to autonomy freedom. Digital currencies like bitcoin are now more preferable because of the augmented autonomy in the currency option. The currency is self-sufficient considering there is zero involvement of central authorities and bodies like government involved in its manufacture and distribution. You can as such benefit from making the transactions as you wish without having to worry about being tracked by the government or being taxed on every purchase. Reduced involvement of outside bodies in the use of the Cryptocurrency trading app makes it a preferable option to go by for those seeking independence in their medium of transaction.


Once you make your bitcoins purchase or any other crypto currencies for that matter, expect to be offered a digital wallet where you can store your physical currency. Spending money therefore becomes easier knowing that you can hardly be traced. Unless you want to be traced, finding out the source of bitcoin transactions can be very hard especially if those involved care less about sharing the details. Even though this attributes augments the possibility of rise in criminal activities, you can enjoy some privacy in making expenditures just like how cash payments are done. You should however know that all bitcoin transactions are stored in the block chain ledger which helps track changes in the expenditure of bitcoin by different accounts.

No bank fees or charges

There are banks and other financial institutions that make a lot of money from being used for making transactions. Depending on the banks that you are using, expect variations in the price that is charged on the transactions. A firm that is for instance paid using checks will have to involve banking institutions to facilitate the payments smoothly. Expect zero or reduced charges on transaction when you use bitcoins because all the transaction are peer to peer focused. Reducing cost of operation is vital to ensuring you enjoy more profits and fewer losses in your transactions. For a business accepting bitcoin payments can increase the cost efficiency of the operations done by the business.

Mobile form of payment

Digital currencies allow users to enjoy transacting wherever they feel like it. As it stands now, there are multiple businesses in the world that accept various forms of crypto currencies as payments for the various goods and services offered. Lucky for you both land based businesses and online ones accept this form of payment allowing you to shop from anywhere. Bitcoin payment mean you can spend in any country you are in provided you have the debit or credit card for bitcoins. You can furthermore spend your money in any country you are in even if the businesses there do not permit use of digital currencies to make payments.


Bitcoins currency and other digital currencies are best for use because of how secure they are. Walking around with hard cash can make you a target which is why people today consider secure options like keeping their money online. With bitcoins, you can enjoy even better security because you carry the currency in your phone but can access it from a wide range of devices including laptop and PC. You are only required to have quality internet connection before you can access and spend your money online. It is also possible to increase the amount of money you move around with if it is digital currency unlike when it is hard cash. This also means that you can shop for anything you want without having to worry about answering to the bank which has limits to the amount that you can spend.

Peer-to-peer transaction

This is basically a term describing the freedom of two people or more transacting as per their agreements without the involvement of third parties like the government or banking institutions. Peer to peer focus also reduces the number of expenses that are made due to involvement of intermediaries. Reduction of authorities involved in the approval and disbursement of transactions both easier and cost effective for very many businesses. You will avoid the fee charged by financial institutions for facilitating transactions.

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