Reasonable SEO Packages from Marketing1on1

Marketing1on1 is one leading company providing different search engine optimization services. Numerous advantages accompany your purchase from marketing1on1. It uses efficient and organic methods to fetch the necessary results. Have a look.

SEO Techniques used by Marketing1on1: 

The best thing about choosing SEO packages from marketing1on1 is the results. It uses organic techniques to improve your website’s visibility on search engines like Google.

The results remain the same for every package as the company ensures genuine results. The following are the methods imbibed by marketing1on1 to achieve search engine optimization.

1. Keyword Research 

Any type of search engine optimization first begins with researching the relevant and potential keywords. Keywords are those terms commonly used by people to search for what they need. You can find such keywords by identifying how many people are searching for them. Marketing1on1 conducts intensive research to identify potential keywords relevant to your website. This way, you can have an idea about search engine traffic and your targets.

2. On-Page SEO 

Also known as On-Site SEO, it is a technique focusing on optimizing your web content. As in, the company optimizes everything present on your website relevant to the search engine algorithm requirements. Photos, information, interface, etc., come under this optimization. Usually, SEO algorithms easily recognize the keywords used as headings. So, tags like H1, H2, meta descriptions, titles, bold texts, etc., ease the keyword identification.

3. Off-Page SEO 

As soon as the On-Page SEO is effective, Off-Page follows it. Here, the company focuses on improvising your website based on the search engine algorithm requirements. One such technique is backlinking. Search engines usually consider backlinks as referrals to your services. Improving your website interface, HTML, and other related aspects are covered here.

4. Other Techniques 

Once these optimizations are done, marketing1on1 switches to technical and voice SEO techniques. As in, the company conducts social media promotions and relevant activities to grab genuine customers while improving your website’s reach. On the whole, the company conducts research, builds your website, optimizes your content, and improves your rank on search engines through these techniques.

SEO Packages from Marketing1on1: 

There are three different SEO packages from marketing1on1. These come accompanied by all the techniques listed above and guarantee genuine results.

  • Starter– this is the beginner’s package and is priced at $299/month.
  • Small Business– this package works great for intermediates and is priced at $499/month.
  • Ultimate– the ultimate package covers all the benefits of search engine optimization and is priced at $999/month.

Marketing1on1 also provides several other SEO-based services for its clients. You can choose link-building services, Facebook business pages, content writing, press releases, logo designs, and a lot more from the company’s official website. Its team of professional and skilled people ensure high-quality results for every service and guide their clients whenever necessary. The services and packages from marketing1on1 suit everyone, be it a beginner or an established business. Check the company’s official website for more about its services, and guidance in search engine optimization and others.

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