Quirky ideas for your cafe

Every time you go out for a meal, what is the one thing you cannot come without? Lots of photos! Every café, restaurant, hotel, or roadside eatery you go to, you cannot resist the temptation of clicking photos of the food and friends as well. If you are looking to design a café of your own, the interior and the walls have to be worthy of social media and eye-catching. If you are looking for ideas to decorate the walls of your café, here are some. 

  1. The Greek influence – White and blue is the well-known combination of colours that is popularly seen in Santorini. Whether it is a two colour combination for living room or a wall in a café, this combination is sure to attract everyone. This is surely going to be a popular spot for those looking to click some great photos. 
  2. Patio setting – If there is outdoor seating, then you can have fun decorating the walls. Besides putting up some planters, you can decorate the walls with attractive graffiti. You can let your creativity flow and think out of the box. There are no restrictions when it comes to the outdoors and when you have such an opportunity, use the royale play night to add some amazing effects. 
  3. Textures on walls – Starting from exposed bricks to playful colours on walls, textures can make a lot of difference. They can highlight the insides of the café. If you have some colourful and delectable food lined up, then textures can ensure the focus is on the food. Textures can also change the face of the café by adding character to the walls. 
  4. Lights and colours – Looking to create an ambience? Try experimenting with lights and colours! If you focus on particular parts of the wall with lights and illuminate them with streaks of gold or silver, you can create bursts of bright spots. 
  5. Pastel colours – A colourful interior coupled with colourful walls is coming back with a bang after the 90s. The “ice-cream parlor” feel of pastel colours makes for a great interior. Create bright walls and you can complement them with wooden furniture or neutral-coloured furniture. 
  6. Boho theme – Boho theme generally calls for a mix of warm colours with small splashes of cool colours and neutral colours. Create a balance of textures, shapes, and colours, and experiment with proportions. This theme is great if you are looking to create a casual café with informal seating. You can try mixing it up with various floor lamps and hanging lamps. Plz visit here for information about King Exchange
  7. Fiction theme – In the era of online streaming platforms, there is a common thread that unites the generation of café-goers. It is the TV shows and movies. Get a themed café and watch the customers flooding in to get an experience of the real deal. You need not decorate the walls with paintings of those characters but you can pick out finer elements and add them to your café to make it more interesting. 
  8. Books and coffee – A lot of people choose to work from cafes instead of their homes during the “work from home” phase. More cafes explored the possibilities of providing the comfort of a working place by adding charging stations, providing privacy, keeping neutral backgrounds (for meetings), and even coming up with a package. If you are bored during the break and need some time away from the screen, there are books to choose from. 

These ideas can make sure people come back for the food as well as the ambience. Every great story has a café which no one can forget. If you wish to make your café unforgettable, then use some of these ideas and spice things up!

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