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A 13 x 4 lace front wig needs a professional installation method. This is made from 100% human hair on the lace hole and on the part of the wig. But different kind of human hair is used in 13 x 4 wigs that leaves 4 inches of width of the head. This can also be stated as they need some professional sewing methods. When you want to install them then you firstly, sew in the and install the lace frontal closure. After that, you must install the other half back part of the wig. However, 13 x 4 lace front wigs and 13 x 6 wigs belong to the same type of wigs. This is made up of half hand-tied lace and the other is made up of machine-made that is highly elastic wig cap. This offers the person wearing them the most off feeling when he or she wears the wig and brings about the natural hairline to women also.

150 density wigs

150 densities with or 150% density wigs is the medium and heavy hair density wig that contains more voluminous hair on them so that the person feels more volume on the head. It gives a person a fuller and more voluminous look by just having a medium-density wig on his head. As the name suggests, there is a volume in intensity but it does not require heavyweight. They are somehow heavy from other wigs but they are not much heavy to be carried the whole day. These are mainly worn by women to get a fuller look. 150 density wig gives a lot of bounces and movement to the hair and also provides more and more styling options. The look provided by it can also be customized according to the curvy and wavy hairstyles as per the need of the person.

Human hair wigs with bangs

A wig that has bangs helps a person in replacing the natural hair from being cut by giving it in bangs. Your natural hair can grow up and your time can also be saved by using human hair wigs with bangs. It saves your time and also helps in growing natural hair without making any changes to your hair. While wearing the wig, you can easily still wear your natural hair the way you like. This means that you can easily go on with the hairstyles you like in your natural hair. Since these wigs can easily be installed and removed therefore, they can help give a break from removing the wig. When your hair is made up of bangs than the products that you use frequently style it with your skin more than earlier.


A 13 x 4 lace front wig is a kind of wig that provides you 13 inches length by 4 inches width. This is made up of human hair that is not that into the le school by machine and hand. 150 density wig gives a person a more voluminous hair looks by having more density of hair. Human hair wigs with bangs help the person is wearing the wig and even making the natural hair growth.

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