Qlan: the New Social Media Site for Gamers

The growth of eSports is opening up new avenues for businesses to thrive. One of the latest developments in cyberspace is Qlan, an interactive social networking app dedicated to people in the eSports industry. 

Primarily reserved for gamers, the app launched on the Google Play platform with 50,000 pre-registrations. The platform provides a new way for people to connect with each other and engage in conversations that have anything to do with gaming. 

Overall, the vision of the creators is to have an ecosystem for gaming enthusiasts. It is not only the gamers who would benefit from it but also content creators and tournament organizers. Stakeholders of gaming companies can also join and build their networks. 

Qlan is the invention of Sagar Nair and Navin Teljeira. They are both co-founders, but Sagar is the CEO, while Navin is the CBO. Their goal is to use the platform as the enabler in the eSports industry.

Key Features of Qlan

Qlan was specifically designed for people in the gaming industry, much as Twitch is a streaming platform for gamers. 

Here are some of its key features: 

  • Profile – people can make custom solo profiles. Those who belong to a team can create squad profiles, and business establishments can create organizational profiles. 
  • Game Stats – both teams and individual entities can showcase their game stats. They can do this not manually but by syncing their in-game statistics. 
  • Monetization – creators can showcase their gaming and eSports content on the platform; they can monetize the content early. 
  • Promotions – organizers of eSports tournaments can use the platform to promote their events. Businesses can also promote their brands and intellectual properties to specific audiences. 
  • Matchmaking – this feature works for verified connections. The system has an AI that does the matchmaking between gamers.

All in all, it is not just a social media app. It is also a platform where businesses in the eSports community can come together. They can meet new groups. Players can use the platform to showcase their skills. Excellent players can get discovered and start their gaming journey on the platform. 

Qlan has had a successful launch, and the founders envision that it will become the most trusted source of information in the eSports industry. They also want it to become the most secure platform. Right now, the app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

According to the founders, it was a surreal feeling to have launched the platform. Both founders have a deep-seated passion for gaming, and they fully understand the potential of the industry. 

They understood that many eSport ecosystems failed to address several issues. For one, there is no platform that could help players make the right connections. There is no proper recognition of gaming talents. They also realized that gamers had no platforms to showcase their skills. 

Because of all these problems, the founders decided that it was high time to create an app that would bridge these gaps. Their intent is to make the fragmented gaming communities come together. The goal is t facilitate meaningful exchanges among the members. 

Navin, the CBO, added that they are looking forward to the things they would see after the launch. They are excited to analyze how gamers and members would respond to the app and the community. 

It took them months of research to get insights into what gamers need. Before creating the platform, they launched various proto-type surveys and trials. They were thus able to gather data and see the underlying problems. These problems are not exactly technical but rather lean on the social issues the gamers face. They also found out that no company was attending to these problems. It is this level of understanding and the absence of a solution that motivated the founders to create the app. 

Furthermore, Navin added that the focused vision of the company was to bolster the industry. They want to unite the key movers and stakeholders in the industry. They will do this by building an app that will serve the gaming community. The founders believe that the app is a game-changer. They will find ways to bridge different businesses to enable the industry.

According to the founders, anyone in the gaming sector is welcome. It does not matter if the member is a newbie or a professional. Individuals or businesses can join and represent their entities. What they want is to become trusted enablers in the community.  While it is not clear if online bookmakers like can join, there is certainly room for everyone for as long as the company is involved in eSports and gaming. 

The app is promising, as it will not be a forum of mixed interests. Here, people will not see any kind of post that has anything to do with games. People are wary of other social media channels that do not concentrate on anything specific. As of now, the members and the app are focused on eSports. There is no telling how other types of games will creep into the community.

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