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Promotion strategies with Reddit

Reddit can be seen as a platform for a crowd-marketing campaign. That is, we establish contact with the audience in order to get them interested in our product/service. This works here, because the resource has all the attributes of a forum, and forums always have a way of making people feel welcome. Here everyone is equal, everyone helps each other. Buy reddit upvotes and learn how to promote your products or services!

There are at least three strategies for free promotion:

Product testing

If you are just starting out on your journey and want to know your audience reaction, on Reddit you can ask them directly. User accounts here are impersonal, so people are as open and honest as possible, without fear of social condemnation. This way you get an honest reaction and promote your product at the same time.

It’s important to describe your product in as much detail as possible: with photos, videos, and a link to a website if you have one. Users love it when their opinion is taken into account, when they are asked for advice. It is in this style that promotional posts will be very effective. An additional plus – advice and wishes from an interested target audience.

Getting traffic to your site

To attract new visitors to your resource, you can simply participate in various discussions and debates, leaving, where logical and appropriate, a link to your site. Important point: You can only put a link in a comment or post with certain points in your karma.

Lifehack: To be sure to interest your audience and motivate them to visit the site, write useful checklists and guides. If the user sees that the information is really worthwhile, he will go to the resource of the author. Direct requests to evaluate the usability/design of the site are also effective.

This once again confirms that all the posts with links you write should be handled with great care and caution. The better the quality of the content, the more profit you get from it.

I don’t think there’s any point in talking about site activity. A post written a day ago may well gain several thousand views. Of course, it all depends on its content

In general, the most popular subreddits on Reddit are the following:

  • culture, art;
  • life stories (with advice, recommendations);
  • educational posts;
  • politics;
  • religion;
  • music;
  • sports;
  • nutrition;
  • science;
  • programming, technology.

Increasing brand awareness

If you already have a promoted and really interesting product, and you just want to show your credibility and expertise, it’s worth using the AMA “ask me anything” feature.

You publish a short post about yourself, your company and your product, and users will leave questions about the topic. This establishes a trusting relationship with your audience and helps to make you even more interested in the product.

The main conclusion is this: platforms like Reddit are very similar to the forums we are accustomed to, in which users value usefulness most of all. So create appropriate posts, which will allow you to gain trust and successfully promote yourself.

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