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Preparing Your Windows and Doors Georgetown for Installation

Congratulations on deciding to do windows and doors Georgetown replacement! This is usually a big decision for homeowners because it is costly and time-consuming. Now that your replacement doors and windows are almost here, you need to prepare the space for contractors to install them with stopovers. This process might take a day or two, so be prepared to take a short leave at work or schedule it on the weekend.

As a first-timer, you might be wondering how you should prepare your home for the new replacement windows Georgetown. It will be hard to do it all by yourself, and that is where we come in. This article will guide you on what to do to ensure the contractors have an easier time installing your new windows and doors in Georgetown.

1. Clean The Window And Its Surrounding

You want the installers to take the least time during window installation, so you should clear anything that could hinder them while working. Remove any furniture next to the window, and ensure you cover them with a cloth or covering paper to prevent dust and dirt from settling on them. Transfer the plants, rugs, and any other items in the window space to another place. Doing this before the installation day will save you time.

Check the exterior side of the home too. Get rid of all the charts, decorations, or canvas art before the installers arrive. Enquire from the windows Georgetown installer what tools they will need so that you can have them ready. This could be things like ladders and scaffolding. If your home is a story building, you might need lift mechanisms to get the windows to the second or third floor.

Ensure there is enough space for contractors to put their equipment. This makes their work more manageable, and they spend less time on the project.

2. Remove All Window Treatments

As with the installation of doors in Georgetown, once you are done clearing the area around the window, start removing anything on the window like curtains, sheers, and blinds. You can ask the contractor anything you are not sure of. You should also remove all the other decorations on the walls of the window. Be careful not to damage them or to damage the walls. Keep all these items in one place, and those that will not be used again should be thrown. Since during the installation there is likely to be flying debris and a lot of dust, it is recommended to move your most valuable decorations to another room.

3. Cover The Floor And Furniture

Cement, sand, and paint will be used during installation, and once they fall on your floor or furniture, they leave permanent marks. The installer might advise you to get covers for the furniture and floor, or they will come with the covers. If the crew doesn’t cover your seats and floor before starting the job, ask them why. You already incurred the expense of buying new windows, and you are not ready for extra furniture expenses.

Also, get to know if there is a post-installation clean-up because you do not want to tire returning everything as it was before the windows and doors Georgetown process started. A good contractor will include this service as an offer. Get to know the other services the company gives before hiring and before paying for the windows. Other installation companies will not tell you that certain services come with a specific fee. They will include this in the total bill, which can be shocking.

While talking to the contractor about the services, ask them how long it will take to complete the task. This enables you to plan your time better. If you are employed, you will know how many days to ask for leave from work.

4. Storage For The Old Windows

Homeowners with tiny houses might be faced with the challenge of finding a perfect storage space for the windows. You can rent a space for storage at a fee. You can also get a portable bin, which is rented and comes in various sizes. Storing the items in a closed place keeps them safe, keeps your family safe, and prevents the old windows Georgetown from mishaps.

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