Portable Car Lifts What They are and Types

Adding a car lift to your professional or personal garage is a big plus. Allows the vehicle to be raised whenever easy access to the engine, gearbox, wheels, chassis or bodywork is required. If your garage is large and has enough space, you can install an elevator anywhere. However, in most cases, you want to make the most of the space and install the lift in the most convenient location.

Cars are the new protagonists of cities, their number has increased exponentially and, in light of the current trend, the problem has arisen of knowing how to manage urban spaces ad hoc .

To face the growing challenges deriving from the increase of the car park in our cities, car lifts are the perfect solution to be able to optimize any kind of area in order to protect both the surrounding environment and the architecture of every urban context.

In light of these growing considerations and challenges, Alibaba, a leader in the design, construction and installation of any elevation system, is able to offer excellent portable car lift.

The company offers a wide range of opportunities by integrating dozens of alternative practices that can be modeled and customized on the specific context.

Car lifts: what they are and types

Lifting  systems for cars  allow lifting not only traditional four wheels, but also longer and / or heavier vehicles according to the client’s needs.

Car lifts consist of a loading surface that can be raised or lowered by means of a control panel, which allows the car platform to be moved to the desired height.

Where there is no space to build a concrete ramp, car lifts are the perfect smart solution to not take up too much space: the minimum dimensions we need are approximately 5.6 meters in length and 2.75 meters in width. .

Among the types of car lifts we distinguish two interesting solutions:

  • Platform : car lift applicable both to external contexts and inside buildings,
  • With cabin : car lift suitable to be inserted in external contexts where a “retractable” solution is required.

Both applications can be envisaged with the transport of the driver.

The advantages of the portable car lift

At the base of the offer that includes various models of  car lifts.

Two fundamental factors are the innovative design of the systems, which guarantees their installation in any environmental context, respecting the preferred architectural approach, and the ideal stability, in all load conditions.

In fact, car lifts are widely used in historic centers , where old palaces and buildings were not originally designed to accommodate cars.

Today, thanks to innovation and technology, it is possible to study solutions and elevation systems for cars that allow to maintain the original historical structure of the building without renouncing the installation of modern parking systems on several levels.

The solutions for the different types  of portable car lifts  are characterized by ample free space around them, attention to detail, elegance, robustness and versatility.

They are the perfect choice for those who need a highly customizable lift, conceived, designed and installed for heavy vehicles.

Car lift and prices: how to regulate?

Do you need a  car lift , but you don’t know the approximate costs? It is essential that your investment is optimized to the maximum.

The relationship between  car lifts and  relative prices is subject to variation based on the structure and characteristics of the system.

The cost of a fully equipped car lift is much higher than the price of the basic lift in this category.

The competent, experienced and qualified business consultants will analyze all your needs and, together with you, will arrive at a solution that can satisfy you.

Car lifts: the possible solutions

The car lift  declined in various models is one of the flagship. The high quality of the products is the flagship of the company’s production. Among the various  car lifts  available at the company are several  lift platforms .

One of the most used is for cars with pantograph movement with and without driver on board, moved by hydraulic cylinders: it can be single pantograph, double or triple pantograph and this is determined exclusively by the height that must be reached.

Car lifts can also be equipped with cameras and a start code via the start / stop button pad.

There are also lifts for covered cars with or without driver on board, lifts for cars with vertical column movement, with or without driver on board, lifts for revolving cars with or without driver on board, they are available in either single or double pantographs.

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