Pochettino announced that he will intervene more in the transfer process at Chelsea

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Pochettino plans to intervene more in Chelsea’s transfer plans starting next January.

Chelsea spent to welcome many young players in the first transfer window under Pochettino. Pochettino’s desire to recruit more experienced players was ignored. However, the Argentine strategist will have stronger control over Chelsea’s transfer issues from next January.

Pochettino announced that he will intervene more in the transfer process at Chelsea

“My relationship with the boss and the executives is very good. As I said when the transfer market closed, I need to be more involved in all decisions from now on. I think we need to start determining what we need in January. We have already started working.”

Coach Pochettino also reported bad news about Ben Chilwell and he revealed that it was a bad injury for the English player.

“The doctor gave me bad news. Chilwell’s injury is quite bad but we need further tests in the coming days. We will see how long he is absent from the squad. But overall this injury is not very good.”

Pochettino also admitted that it is difficult for him to replace Chilwell and Reece James when these two players are absent.

“At all clubs, important players are remembered when they are not playing. Of course we miss them. James is a top player and so is Chilwell. When they are at their best, they are the best full-backs in the world. Every team is affected when they are missing important players. If a team has a top player in that position, it is very difficult to recruit someone of the same level to sit on the bench. It’s a matter of balance.”

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