Pin Up Aviator Game – Crash Game #1 in India

Pin Up Aviator Game – the Best Crash Machine to Try Today

Are you ready to enjoy the best Pin Up Aviator game and win fantastic prizes? Released by Spribe in 2019, the game has quickly skyrocketed to the top rankings in India by offering an unforgettable experience.

What is special about Aviator? This is a multiplayer game, and, as Spribe says, they were the first to offer something like this. Keep reading to find out how to play Aviator and what tricks to use for regular payouts.

Play the Aviator Game at the Pin Up Casino

Having launched the game, you will be impressed by the interface and the layout. Aviator is unlike anything else you have ever encountered before. It has no reels or paylines, and the playing field is more like a runway of your airplane. The latter is the only symbol involved in the game.

The gameplay can be described in simple words. You are a pilot. Your online airplane will rise up, collecting multipliers. The higher the value, the bigger rewards you will claim. Despite that, Aviator is still a casino game with some inherent risk.

The plane randomly crashes. Your task is to cash out your bet before it happens. Otherwise, you will finish the round with your hands empty. This adds more excitement to the gaming session, especially if you use the extra features listed below.

  • Built-in chat. You can chat with other enthusiasts playing Aviator at the same time as you.
  • Live statistics. You can jump between sections to check your statistics, which includes bets and wins.
  • Double betting. Aviator allows players to make a double bet per round, increasing their winning chances.

The game is simple and accessible, so even the beginners will understand the rules and mechanics right away. All you need to do to start the round is adjust the current bet and press the “Start” button. According to the developer, the RTP is as high as 97%, which indicates regular payouts.

Tips & Tricks to Play Aviator at Pin Up Casino India

Pin Up casino is available on all devices. You can try your luck at Aviator through its official platform or install an app. However, you should learn the tips and tricks before placing your first bet.

  • Don’t try to predict the outcome. The game is 100% random, the plane can crash at any moment.
  • Place double bets. This increases your winning chances in every round you use this feature.
  • Cash out your bet on time. The airplane has a better chance of reaching minimum multipliers like 2x than getting to 20x. In the long run, you will replenish your bankroll more often with small multipliers because they are easier to catch than big ones.

The game can be described as “slow and steady wins the race”. Remember that the results depend on your actions. Frequent payouts with small multipliers are better than infrequent prizes with large multipliers. Keep an eye out for bonuses and promo codes and use these boosters on the best Pin-Up casino games, including the well-known Aviator.

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