Perfect AppLock

Smartphones have become an essential commodity. Today it has become a vault to store our precious information, photographs, videos, contacts and even bank details. Most of us have the basic password, finger pattern, fingerprint recognition or facial recognition to unlock our phones. Once the phone is unlocked this way, anyone can access any of the files or applications on the device with ease. So most of us crave another added layer of protection to keep our secrets safe. Perfect AppLock was created just for this.

Why you need Perfect AppLock?

Information is gold these days. Data collection is big business, and there are many deceitful people and organizations all around the world, who spend great amounts of money and energy to harvest data from individuals. Criminals have come up with new ways to break the basic safeguards on our devices. Once they cross this first line of defense, they will just waltz into any app on your phone, your private documents and pictures, and may use these against you. There are numerous tales of people being blackmailed or being asked to cough up hefty sums of money to get back their private files and pictures, which would have otherwise been released into the public domain to be accessed and by anyone and everyone. Perfect AppLock is the solution to all these problems.

Features of Perfect AppLock

You have five main features to thwart any data or information theft from your device. Firstly, when you open the app, there are three main pages, namely App Lock, Watchdog and Manual. In the App lock page, all the apps in your phone are listed out, with the five main features in a row next to each of them. In order to activate any option, you just have to tap on the relevant icon next to the app you want it to be applied on. The five features are as follows:

Lock: This will activate the lock on the application you have selected, which pretty much locks the app, and asks you to type in the preset password that you have chosen.

Fake Finger Print Scanner: This feature displays fake finger print scanner during locked app launch, and is an additional security measure to surprise attackers as if finger print is required to proceed.

Fake Pop Up: displays fake error message dialog when a locked app is launched just prior to password input screen.

About Rotation Lock: Individually control screen rotation of your apps by using Rotation Lock function.

Screen filter: Individually adjust brightness viewing of each app to enhance privacy and conserve battery life.

The Watchdog feature makes sure that a picture of the thief is taken after third failed attempt to enter the right password.

Download Perfect AppLock

You can download this useful app for your Android as well as for your PC. That is through the App Store AC Market. There are different versions of AC Market for different devices. Like AC Market Apk, AC Market Windows and also now you can download AC Market Windows 11 directly on your upgraded PC. It surely makes very easier for you to download any Apk file directly in windows.

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