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While PDF files are compact and secure compared to other file formats, it has its downsides. One of them is that PDF files are harder to convert into different file formats. For example, when you need to have a Word version of the file, you might have to retype everything, which would take a lot of time for you to do. Instead of spending hours recreating an editable version of the file, there is a SaaS tool that can help you: PDFBear. Thanks to this tool, you can simply convert your file in a few clicks. On top of that, using this tool is free! Here are some particular tools that you can use on the website:

1.  PDF to PPT

Do you need to create a presentation for your work or school? Then this is the tool for you. Without compromising the quality of the original file, you can simply convert your PDF report into an editable PPT presentation. We often have to create deck presentations, but understandably, not a lot of people are good at creating presentations. This tool can carry some of the weight off of your shoulders and can save you a ton of time. To start the process, you only need to do four things. First, go to PDFBear and look for the PDF to PPT tool. Next, upload the file that you want to convert, then the server will automatically scan and analyze your file. All that is left is to wait for the process to be 100% complete, then download the file to your computer or upload it to another cloud storage.

2.  PDF to JPG

There will be some instances that you are going to need a JPG instead of a PDF file. For example, when you need to upload an image to any website, like as an avatar or for social networks. You might also need to edit the file using software like Canva or Photoshop, which only supports image formats. Whatever your case is, PDFBear can help you. Instead of screenshotting that specific part of the file, the PDF to JPG can scan the image for you. Another pro of using this tool is that you can use any device to access it. So if you are editing using your phone, this tool should work fine.

3.  PDF to Excel

If you are a business owner or a young professional, then you most likely deal with several Excel files. This includes finances, business trackers, leads, and so on. And sometimes, there is data that you have to transfer from a PDF file to Excel. Instead of hiring someone to do the data entry task, you can use the PDF to Excel tool. This is a quick and easy way of managing your data. Thanks to Solid Documents, this tool is accurate when it comes to extracting data. You can be assured that this tool will input the data on the correct column and row. All you have to do is double-check the data and do minor revisions.

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4.  PDF to Word

This is the most common tool that most people need. And of course, PDFBear has added this feature on top of the other 20+ PDF-related tools. This tool uses OCR, or the Optical Character Reader, which is a tool that accurately scans your docs for the word, fonts, and other elements. It converts printed, handwritten texts and images into machine-encoded text, like Microsoft Word. Say goodbye to the copy-paste method once you start using this feature. Whether you are a pro or a newbie when editing your files, this website is user-friendly.

5.  PDF to PNG

Similar to the PDF to JPG tool, PNG is another image format that you might find useful for future creative projects. When you need to extract that image as a resource material, you can be assured that you will get a high-quality version of the file, thanks to this tool. This website is safe to use since it will delete all processed files from its server after one hour. Rest assured that the server will not save a copy of your file. Similar to all the other tools mentioned, simply upload the PDF, then let PDFBear do all the hard work for you.

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Mentioned above are only some of the free tools that you can take advantage of to edit and optimize your documents. Unlike other websites, PDFBear prioritizes the safety of its users. It is 256-Bit SSL-encrypted and will not ask for any personal information before you can use its features. This website is trusted by millions of professionals, business owners, and students around the world. Make sure to check this out, and it might become your new favorite PDF tool library!

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