Mobile Data vs Broadband and Why Mobile Data is Expensive?

We all use the internet by two means; one is mobile data; the other is broadband. Despite broadband offering better speed and reliability, mobile data is the go-to for many people all across the globe. With mobile data, you cannot go for a faster internet connection and also it is not reliable. Moreover, you cannot download large files because of mobile internet plans speed limitations. On the other hand, with mobile data, you get connectivity all the time, even when you are travelling. In this content, we will make a comparison of both technologies and see why mobile data is expensive.

Mobile data

Mobile devices are easy to get; they require no in stallion cost upfront and can be carried everywhere. Most of the mobile data come with limited data. If you are short of a casual user, then mobile data is fine for you, but you must sign up for a higher data pack service if your data usage is high. The speed was seen as a biggest limitation in mobile data but the latest improvements in mobile technology and the launch of 5G has overcome that.

Broadband Data

Broadband is more reliable than mobile data, and broadband offers better connectivity, reliability and speed. You need a space to get the system installed for your system; also, there is no connectivity outside your home. It is way cheaper than the mobile internet plans, also offer symmetrical download and upload speed. Broadband is a good choice if you watch a lot of HD content, play lots of online games, and download huge files. With a faster broadband connection, you can connect multiple devices and have many users at your home.

Despite being costly mobile data is still gaining popularity because of the fact that mobiles are easy to carry and have become quite influential in recent years. Despite being unreliable, offering slow speed and limited data mobile data is still gaining popularity because of its ease of usage. Now let us look at why mobile data is costly:

Spectrum Licensing Costs- Before mobile companies can offer services, they have to buy spectrum, which comes at a charge. They are primarily licensed and allocated by the government. The spectrum sells through auction, and the bid goes to millions and even billions. This is the primary reason behind high mobile data cost because the telcos have to pass the cost to consumers.

Infrastructure setup costs and maintenance- Also, offering mobile data services requires a lot of investment in terms of infrastructure. Before operating, they need to build base stations throughout the country or the state where they want to operate. On the contrary, broadband requires a little investment in terms of infrastructure.

Qualcomm Patents- You may know about Qualcomm, which offers Snapdragon processors. But they have a lot of patents, including EV-DO, WCDMA, HSPA. As a result, telcos and mobile phone companies have to pay license fees to use this technology. This adds to the total cost of the mobile internet plans as companies end up paying huge license fees.

Upgrades- Mobile infrastructure requires more frequent upgrades than broadband infrastructure. For instance, the recent 5G rollout requires telcos to invest in a new set of antennas that costs a lot because, in the case of 5G, the antennas need to be in the line of sight.

Closing Lines

Despite having some drawbacks, mobile data is still the backbone of the internet as most people use smartphones daily. Therefore, both broadband and mobile data are equally important for the world to be better connected.

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