Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Trendy, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Diamonds 

They are usually formed almost 150 kilometers below the earth. They formed in region of high temperature and high pressure.

It takes billions of years to form a diamond.

Kimberle is the only rock where the natural diamond formed 

Lab-grown Diamonds

In nature, diamonds are formed when the gases reach at high temperature the carbon layers formed a crystal structure called diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are same as natural diamonds in the feature of chemical, physical, and optical feature. Lab grown diamonds are also considered real, they just grew differently. Both the natural and lab grown diamonds are made up of carbon and having unique atomic structure. 

Ways to form lab grown diamond

  • HP HT
  • CVD

In High pressure and high temperature methods diamonds are formed artificially same, as grown in nature.

Chemical vapor deposition is the isolation and snows down on the crystal.

Lab grown diamonds takes less time as compared to natural diamonds which takes millions of years to grown in nature. 

In labs, diamond’s formation only takes few weeks to be ready.

The difference between the natural and lab grown diamonds is very less, even the expert of jewels cannot tell the difference.

Natural diamonds are about 2.5 times more expensive than laboratory grown diamonds.


Since both the types grown in different environments their inclusions are also different. HPHT diamonds usually contains diamond inclusions.


Usually High pressure high temperature diamonds when exposed to UV rays they glow a different color. This is the main point to differ between HPHT lab grown diamonds and natural stones.

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  • Ethical lab grown diamonds
  • Lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly 
  • The 4Cs are very important when you are going to buy the lab grown diamond which are color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.
  • Lab made diamonds are not cloudy, they have much clarity.
  • Lab diamonds are same as natural diamonds, they don’t change their appearance after billions of years
  • Some lab grown diamonds can be fading due to the cheap quality and overexposing to rays.
  • Lab created diamonds are not much good in market sale.

Although usually set to be half that of mined diamonds, the energy required to 4 carat lab created diamonds is enormous. To reduce their impact on the environment, more businesses must switch to using renewable energy and capturing CO2 from the atmosphere to create their diamonds.

As has been the case with some traditional diamond mining companies that have taken steps to reduce the negative social impacts of their business. These include the construction of educational and health facilities, as well as addressing environmental impacts in diamond mining areas. Due to the diamond industry’s long history of ignoring adverse environmental impacts, it is preferable to exclude the mine from the process.

Best place to buy Lab grown diamonds

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Lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment, so they have all the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. But because they’re not mined from the earth, they come with a much lower price tag.

At Rare Carat diamonds, we only sell conflict-free and eco-friendly lab grown diamonds. So you can feel good about your purchase knowing that it’s not contributing to human rights abuses or environmental damage.

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