Know the Bitcoin Scams: A Guide


You must have been hearing about Bitcoin from every corner, given we have largely converted to the online mode for everything, even the money market. Not like Digital Money Market has recently made an entry in the public sphere, however the immense proliferation has completely been a product of the pandemic. There has been a major shift in peoples way of thinking, and execution since the world has seen the face of coronavirus. You can take a minute to have a nuanced understanding here, in Bitcoin investments. Isn’t it quite obvious that people want to go for paperless economic transactions? Among the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin happens to be one of the most celebrated ones, That has been largely regarded for the nature of benefits that come with the package. However, we are supposed to remember that every venture has both pros and cons. It is imperative to open our eyes to the fact that Bitcoin scams are particularly common in the market, and an investor should be absolutely aware of the same so as to prevent themselves from falling prey to them.

What Happens in the Bitcoin Market: The Scams and Preventives

Before we can possibly address the different scams taking place within the Bitcoin market, it would not be an excess to address why this gets the chance to happen. While we cannot minimise the chances, we can certainly be aware, and act accordingly. Bitcoin essentially deals with the digital money market, which is absolutely decentralized. With all that is decentralized, comes the risk of no authorised mediation that can lead to a lot of trouble. Bitcoin makes possible paperless transactions, which is more the need of the hour, but we can be careful about the following things:

  • To begin with let us recognise that a number of Bitcoin scams are generally an outcome of differently processing viruses, and the indispensable malware that come with the package it is important to remember that there will be new, innovative and extensive efforts to create a bridge, and cause the investor a great deal of trouble with respect to their wallet. Are we not all aware of the fact that hackers are particularly good with making perfect use of the malware that were once relevant? Thus, it is one of the primary means which helps them have inappropriate access to all that they want with respect to your crypto account. Now the question is what can you possibly do in order to prevent this? Well you may consider authentication as one of the foremost measures with respect to your wallet.
  • If you are a Bitcoin investor, it is extremely imperative for you to take cognizance of the fact that fake exchanges are very real. Does that sound like an oxymoron? Well it is one of the primary issues that have been imposing a threat upon the system, and making headlines for quite some time now. As you all must be aware that you can make transactions literally to, or from any Part of the world. This virtual connection often leads to unwanted fraud cases, and jeopardizes things for you. As a Preventive measure it may be effective that you go by the most popular names in the Bitcoin market. Furthermore, you can be a part of platforms which deal with Bitcoin, and be aware of the fakes taking place in and around.
  • One other thing that we would want you to remember with respect to Bitcoin scams is that, To a lot of people Bitcoin, as an investment is volatile to an extent. In order to ensure that you do not end up with the risk graph going higher, resulting in you losing your money, we recommend you also Be particularly cautious about the previous modes of scams that hackers often try to use. Please make sure that you do not revert to emails, or calls but claim to be officers from the tax Department who need immediate assistance regarding your Bitcoin account. The only preventative measure that you may be able to take is that you have to be aware of not believing anyone as a government agent, and be particularly sceptical without adequate proof.


Your safety is our concern, we hope that you will be particularly aware of these aspects, and internalise that there is always a risk of scams associated with Bitcoin. Your safety is in your hands first up, be wise!

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