Is your smartphone frozen? Activate it with these practical tips

How to help a frozen smartphone?

You’ll agree that it’s frustrating when your phone hangs and shuts down, and you don’t know how to solve the problem or what to do if your phone hangs up. And this periodically happens with any mobile gadget – no matter if you have an old smartphone or the newest and most expensive flagship. 

Even a resource as simple as and online casinos with slots can not load. Moreover, such sites are well-optimized. Below we have collected all the possible causes of the problem and ways to solve it.

Why the phone freezes: the causes of smartphone freezes

First, the problem can be associated with the incorrect operation of third-party software – for example, when your phone hangs up after installing a new game or application from Google Play. It is rare and occurs more often if the application is downloaded from alternative sites with a dubious reputation. Here only uninstalling the program can help.

  • On the Internet, you can also encounter a virus that forces your phone to restart constantly or some set of symbols, links, or codes sent to you when you click on which the phone hangs on restart or goes into a cyclic restart. Only the presence of anti-virus in the smartphone among the built-in security features can help here. Some smartphones have anti-virus built into their apps, allowing you to optimize your device and check it for malfunctions. But the primary tool is your vigilance: never click on dubious links, and do not enter or send to friends any characters whose meaning you do not know. In the same way, the phone may hang after upgrading to the latest firmware, especially if there were some problems while downloading or installing it – system errors, broken network connection, and so on. A full reset of the smartphone to factory settings and configuring it from scratch or reinstalling the firmware manually can help.
  • Another common reason could be a very cluttered device, overloaded with programs, photos, and temporary files, which the smartphone’s operating system constantly creates but only sometimes has time to clean up. You can remove heavy files manually. Still, you may be unable to pull the design and temporary files even with the help of special utilities, but it is worth trying. We told you earlier about some special applications that can help you clean and protect your smartphone. If nothing has helped, a full factory reset will come to the rescue.

Smartphone solutions

Although Android smartphones are very different, they have something in common – reset methods that can fix most problems.

Soft reboot

If you’re experiencing only minor system slowdowns or if your phone is not working as it usually does (giving you errors, not connecting to Bluetooth devices, or no longer responding to taps), a soft reboot can help. On every smartphone, it’s triggered by long presses on the power button and selecting “Reboot” from the pop-up menu. However, if the phone is unresponsive, unresponsive, or hangs with the screen on, hold the power button for 30 seconds until the phone completely shuts down and reboots. After that, the problem will likely be solved. 

Forced reboot

It may vary from smartphone to smartphone, but in most cases, it requires pressing and holding the power button and one of the volume buttons – “up” or “down” simultaneously. You can try one option first and then the other if nothing happens. To do this, simultaneously press the Power button and the Volume Up or Volume Down keys. Once the phone extinguishes the screen and turns on again with the brand logo or screen saver, the forced reboot succeeds.

What if this method doesn’t work either? What if your phone is turned off and refuses to turn on? To help, you may call the system restore menu, which in most modern smartphones is triggered by pressing three buttons at once (power and two volume buttons) with their holding for 10-15 seconds. If the phone is turned on and you see the system menu, scroll through it with the volume keys to Restart System Now or Reboot System Now. After that, the phone will reboot.

You can also use this menu to completely reset your smartphone and return it to the factory state by selecting Wipe User Data or Factory Reset with the volume buttons in the system menu. We recommend doing this only in emergency and hopeless situations when all other methods do not work.

Full battery discharge

If a soft reset didn’t work or the phone doesn’t respond to button presses and doesn’t allow a forced reset, you can wait for the battery to discharge fully. Depending on your phone’s battery level, this could take anywhere from a few hours to couple or three days, so you’ll need to look for a spare phone somewhere, so you’re in touch for that long.

But once the phone runs out of power, the next time you charge it from the power supply, it will do a soft reset and turn back on as if nothing had happened. If the device does not turn on and does not react to the connection of the wire, this is a reason to go to the service center and take your smartphone to the professionals.

If your phone is frozen and won’t turn off with a button

It happens that the phone refuses to turn off with the power button, does not respond to combinations of buttons, and attempts to force a reset. In this case, we can only wait until the phone discharges alone or take the battery out if your smartphone model allows it.

If the phone has turned off and won’t turn on from the power button, try putting it on charge and see if it displays any notifications when you connect the charging cable. If it does, but it won’t turn on while charging, the phone may have a problem with the power controller, and you’ll need to take it to a service.

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