Is It Cheaper to Ship E Liquid from New Zealand to Australia?

This is a complicated topic, because it depends on your definition of cheaper, and what your ultimate goal is. Before I get into that, though, let’s talk a little bit about nicotine E liquid and why it is something worth considering switching to if you haven’t already. I can understand if you’ve been reticent to switch the nicotine E liquid if you experience that first generation of e-cigarette back in the early 2000’s, because that product was subpar at best. However, while the technology in concept are fairly similar with modern implementations, the formulation of the juice as well as the technology for distributing it and using it has improved in every conceivable way you can imagine. There are better batteries, better and safer coils, and the juice itself is vastly superior by every definition.

Modern nicotine E liquid consists of 3 basic components, an inert glycerin compound like vegetable oil or propylene glycol, salt nicotine which is the same safe form of nicotine used in quitting products, and some sort of artificial flavoring. All of these have been use long-term and various other applications with no immediate nor long-term health side effects aside from the very addictive nature of nicotine in general. While we can’t guarantee that vaping is long-term completely safe, because it just hasn’t existed long enough to make such blanket statements, no one is expecting any surprises considering what we do know about long-term use of these products and other applications.

When it comes to cheaper, that just depends on what you like. Some brands of vape are cheaper in New Zealand versus Australia, making it just practically cheaper to ship nicotine e liquid New Zealand to Australia. However, there’s more to it than that. You may like a particular brand that costs more to get because you have to ship it locally, because it just isn’t popular enough with other customers to stock on the shelves in your local store. In those cases, it is also cheaper to ship nicotine E liquid New Zealand to Australia, but there’s another thing to consider, something that we have learned from this pandemic we are still somehow not over.

Shopping online eliminates brick-and-mortar overhead as well as guarantees availability and equal treatment of all products due to no competition for shelf space. Many of these online vape providers work out of New Zealand, due to the more readily available shipping infrastructure from an island nation like this. Thus, shopping online and therefore shipping nicotine E liquid from New Zealand to Australia through online means, well, that is probably guaranteed to be a guaranteed cheaper way to get your nicotine E liquid. Shopping online is the future for most things, and while your local store will still have its uses as a place to try new things and get immediate fix is when you are waiting for shipments, like everything else, the online solution is going to be the go-to and default in the new, truly digital and Internet age. Shosha Australia is the best place online to shop for nicotine E liquid, vape products and accessories and much more!

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