International Schools in Beijing

China is regarded as one of the most important economic centers in the world. By holding such a position, China has discovered the need to have proficient English speakers to communicate with the international markets.

It is for that reason over the past few years, China has witnessed a steady increase in international schooling. Schools teaching British or American curriculums have been established in a majority of modern cities, one of which being Beijing.

Being a foreign educator is one of the most upcoming jobs in China for expats looking for work. With the rise in international schooling, more openings are soon to follow. In fact, teaching in China has become appealing for most expat teachers due to the good pay packages and chance to travel. Additionally, China has a low tax but high-quality living experience that attracts most ex-pats.

Development History of International Schooling in China

Currently, more than 500 English-medium schools have emerged in the country. Two decades ago, this number was only 22. These schools offer different curricula such as the British and American schooling systems. Some schools, although rare, offer curricula from countries like Germany, France, South Korea as well. Many schools offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum as well which is followed universally.

China now supports a wide range of international schools with excellent reputations in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other popular cities.

To address the increase in international schools the government passed a new law. Despite the restriction on international schooling, many parents prefer to send their children to these schools in hopes that the children will emerge successful in practical life.

International Schools in Beijing

Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China. It is also referred to as the ‘billionaire capital of the world’ with the highest number of billionaires living in the city.

Beijing is the most expensive city in the world for international education. In addition to that, the demand for international schooling in China has increased drastically. Teaching jobs in China are numerous for those who qualify.

As mentioned before, due to the high demand, there are many different international schools in Beijing. Public schools that only take native students are also offering international education. There are local private schools in Beijing for expats and native students that offer bilingual teaching methods and international curricula.

International schools in Beijing that are foreign-owned have recently taken over the scene. These schools enroll only expat students and offer high-level facilities and a high standard of education. They have long waiting lists and have an expensive fee structure.

Nord Angelina and Harrow International are two international schooling franchises with campuses in Beijing. These two offer the British curriculum.

The International School of Beijing and Beijing BISS International School are two schools that offer the IB curriculum and are amongst the best international schools in Beijing.

Similarly, many other institutes in Beijing offer both IB and British curricula and some offer the American high school system.

Why Should You Teach in Beijing

1. Modern Transportation System

The city has an elaborate and very cheap transport system. Subways and bus lines are well developed. Taxis are also a popular way to travel around the city. Another way would be to rent a scooter, which doesn’t require a license and is a very popular mode of transport amongst foreigners.

2. Capital City

Beijing is the capital city of China as mentioned before and hosts embassies to nearly 172 countries of the World including other major countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, and many others. By living in Beijing, you’ll be able to travel in and out of the country with ease and avoid any visa-related worries.

3. Additional Opportunities

Beijing is a commercial city by nature due to the high number of industries based there. Concerning each other and competition, these industries are always on the lookout for experienced ex-pats. Beijing has a high number of English-medium schools which makes it one of the easiest places to find work for qualified individuals.

4. Cheaper Cost of Living

The cost of living in China overall is much lower than that of living in the west. The country also has lower taxes and most expat teachers are hired on a full package with most expenses covered such as housing and medical insurance.

5. Well Established Expat Community

Beijing is one of China’s most developed cities. Needless to say, it has a booming job market which allows many foreigners to travel in and out of the city. Networking opportunities in Beijing are plentiful and you’ll never feel alone.

6. Experience Chinese Culture

A no-brainer reason to live in Beijing would be to experience Chinese culture first hand. Chinese history dates back nearly 4,000 years and is filled with references to religion, architecture, food, and even art. Not to mention living in Beijing gives you a chance to learn Mandarin, one of the most highly spoken languages in the world alongside English.

What Do You Need to Be Able to Teach in Beijing

The opportunities may seem enticing but mean nothing if you’re not eligible to teach in China. Here are some of the qualities International Schools in China look for in a teacher:

  • A clean record: As you will be teaching mainly teenagers and in some cases toddlers it’s necessary for your employers to know that you’re a respectful and safe addition to the team.
  • A TEFL certification: This is for those of you who want to teach English in China.
  • A Bachelor’s degree: If you’re teaching a subject, a Bachelor’s degree is required for that particular field.
  • Commitment for a year: Most teaching contracts will require you to be contracted for at least a whole year.
  • 24-55 Age: Teachers are preferred to be in this age bracket.

These are some of the main requirements that all applicants are expected to comply with.


At the end of the day, China’s need for educators is only growing. More international schools will soon be established, if not in Beijing then in other parts of China. To teach in China would allow one to live in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. If you’ve reached the end of this article you’re well aware of the opportunities available to you and the perks they come with. Hence, if you’re willing to move abroad for work, the capital of China is one of the best options available to you.

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