Instructions on how to play coin toss in the most detailed and easy-to-understand manner

To participate in this game, you need to master the basic knowledge of the game rules, how to bet and tips to increase your chances of winning. Join us to explore the details of disc jockey right below:

What is Xoc Dia?

Xoc disc is a game that uses 4 double-sided buttons (1 white side, 1 red side). The dealer (operator) will put 4 buttons on a plate, then turn the bowl over and shake evenly. The player will predict the results of 4 buttons after opening the bowl (for example: 4 red, 3 red 1 white, 2 red 2 white…). Based on the results, players will bet on different betting options (Over, Under, Even, Odd…) to win New88hg.

Rules to know in playing coin toss

To ensure fairness and transparency, coin toss has basic rules that players need to follow:

  • Number of players: Unlimited number of participants.
  • Betting options: There are many different betting options, each with its own payout rate.
  • Betting time: Players have a certain amount of time to bet before the Dealer shakes the disc.
  • How to determine the results: Dealer will open the bowl and announce the results. Users who bet on the correct bet will win and receive rewards according to the corresponding ratio.

How to play coin toss easily

The basic way to play coin toss is very simple:

  • Choose a bet: Observe and analyze previous results history to decide which bet to bet on (Over, Under, Even, Odd…).
  • Bet: Place the bet amount on the selected door within the specified time.
  • Wait for the results: Dealer will shake the plate and open the bowl to announce the results.
  • Receive bonus (if you win): If you bet on the correct door, you will receive a bonus according to the corresponding ratio. If you lose, then vice versa.

In addition to the basic way of playing coin toss, there are many different strategies and tips to coin toss that you can apply to increase your chances of winning. Please continue to follow the article below to discover exclusive tips from us!

Strategy in how to play coin toss exclusively here

In addition to the basic way to play coin toss, this article also gives you exclusive strategies to help increase your winning rate and maximize your game experience. Below are some tips only available here, helping you increase your chances of winning much more than usual.

Take advantage of smart statistical tools

The house is equipped with modern statistical tools, displaying detailed results history, helping you easily analyze trends and make accurate betting decisions. Take advantage of this tool to grasp the rules, find repeatable sequences of results, and bet on the one with the highest chance of winning.

Because every game will have probability, so if you take the time to learn. At the same time, statistics using smart applications will help find rules easily without spending too much effort. 

Apply the “chasing demand” strategy

“Chasing the bridge” is a popular strategy in coin toss. When you see results tending towards a certain door (for example, Over continuously), you can “chase” by betting on that door. However, you need to be careful to manage your betting capital properly and know how to stop at the right time to avoid heavy losses.

Take advantage of exclusive promotions

We always have attractive promotions exclusively for members, helping you increase your capital and have more opportunities to experience. Regularly update promotion information so you don’t miss any offers.

These programs will assist players somewhat in having capital to continue participating. As well as increase your chances of winning prizes and receiving attractive gifts from the playground.

Some common algorithms in playing New88 coin toss

Currently, there are many algorithms proposed based on the probabilities of coin toss results. From there, it helps to improve your chances of winning much more than usual. Let’s take a look at some popular formulas below.

Mathematical rules

In the rules of the game, there will be cases like: 4 white, 4 red or 1 white and 3 red, 3 white 1 red, finally 2 white 2 red. There is now a mathematical method to calculate the probability of leaving in these cases. At this time, you should place capital in the ratio 1:1:2:3:5:8:13:21.
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Double algorithm

In case you see the result of the coin toss game appearing the same 2 or 3 times in a row. Next time you play, bet the opposite amount and double the amount. Because according to mathematical probability, the result will change when it has been repeated many times before.

There are many specific evidences that show that if you have lost by placing even bets on 2 or 3 consecutive games. Then until next time, bet double and there is a high chance that the result will be odd. At this point you will receive both capital and additional interest.

The “hurry” strategy

The “folding” strategy is a risky way to play but can bring big profits. When you lose, you will double your bet in the next game. If you win, you will get back the money you lost and get more profit. However, this strategy requires you to have large capital and a strong mentality.

A few notes on how to play coin toss

Playing coin toss is not simply placing a bet and waiting for the results. To increase your chances of winning and experience effectively, you need to master the following notes:

  • Before starting, make sure you understand the rules of the game. Knowing clearly how to play dice, the types of bets and winning odds will help you make smarter decisions.
  • During the game, you need to maintain a strong mentality and not let emotions dominate your decisions. Don’t let consecutive losing games make you lose your composure and decide to bet more to recover. Because this is an extremely wrong way that many players have made and caused them to leave the game empty-handed.
  • Xoc dia is an entertainment game, it should not be considered a way to make money. Play with a relaxed spirit, don’t let your emotions control you and know when to stop.


Xoc Dia is not only a game of chance but also a test of intelligence and skill. By mastering How to play coin toss, applying smart strategies and taking advantage of exclusive tips from New88, you can completely become a master. Join us today!

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