Indian cricket team: upcoming games

The Indian cricket team is one of the strongest in the world. This team’s matches always attract the attention of fans not only in India but all over the planet. If you are familiar with the Indian national squad, bet on their matches with Pin Up Bet with good odds and a wide range of betting lines. The Indian team will play in several significant tournaments in 2024.

In this article, let’s review India’s upcoming matches and how they prepare for the most important games of the World Cup.

Test Series matches against England

In February and March, the Indian national team is scheduled to play against one of the most crucial opponents – England. Although these matches are official, they are preparations for major tournaments like the World Cup. The series between India and England is their last major competition before this international tournament.

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Three matches in the series between those two teams are scheduled to be played on 15 February, 23 February and 7 March. All the games are expected to be held in India.

In the last 5 matches, India has beaten the English three times, and England has won only twice. Besides, the home-field factor is in India’s favor in all three matches.

World T20 Championship

The World Cup is the main event the Indian team is preparing for. It will be held in the USA and West Indies and starts on 2 June. The Indian team has been placed in the same group as Pakistan, Ireland, Canada, and the USA.

Undoubtedly, India is the unquestioned favorite for the group. However, Pakistan and Ireland have been India’s principal rivals for many years. And no one will just give away a win. This tournament is of great significance for the USA and Canada. For the Americans, this is the first-ever hosting of the World Cup and its debut participation in it. Canada is also making its debut at a significant cricketing championship. So, there is no point in talking much about the squads’ motivation.

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The important thing is how fit all the national teams will be for the World Cup. At the moment, all the critical cricketers of the Indian team are in top condition and are injury-free. However, there is an exhausting Indian Premier League season ahead. The athletes can only come to the national team’s location after the season’s end, having little time to rest before that.

List of matches of the Indian national team at the World Cup:

  • 5 June: India vs. Ireland
  • 9 June: India vs. Pakistan
  • 12 June: USA vs. India
  • 15 June: Canada vs. India

The top two teams from each group will advance to the next round, where the eight teams will be split into two groups of four. Only then will the top two teams from each group advance to the semi-finals. The final match will take place on 29 June.

Twenty 20 International

After the World Cup, the Indian team must play a series against Zimbabwe in July. The matches will be played as part of the Twenty20 International. The Indian team will have a hectic schedule in June and July. If the team reaches the World Cup finals, they will have only six days to prepare for the first match against Zimbabwe.

Five games in total will be played against the African team, and all of them are on Zimbabwe’s pitch. The matches will occur on 6 July, 7 July, 10 July, 13 July and 14 July.

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