Impact of COVID-19 to online industries like slot game in Indonesia

The Indonesian government has recently announced that online gambling sites featuring cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency-based) and online casino games are to be moved off the local market.

In addition, the government banned new licenses for more cryptocurrency-related businesses in its country as of January 2019.

The move from the Indonesian regulator that may create a ripple effect on other Asian countries where these type of businesses are present. It could also cause some troubles for many websites out there serving players from Indonesia.

This article will discuss the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic to Online Gambling Sites in Indonesia like the Link Slot deposit pulsa, and detail what could happen to those websites if this decision goes through and spreads to other countries around Asia.

1. Indonesian government’s plan to ban and remove cryptocurrency Gambling sites in its country.

Recently, the Indonesian government announced that it will ban all local cryptocurrency-based businesses in the country.

In addition to that, the government also declared that it will remove all existing cryptocurrency-related businesses that currently exist in Indonesia. This includes online casinos and gambling sites featuring cryptocurrencies.

This is a very big blow to many websites worldwide that serve players from Indonesia. These type of websites have become one of the most profitable for operators out there since they are user friendly and do not require a credit card or bank transfer to be completed.

2. How it could affect Indonesian gambling websites

Most websites that are licensed in Indonesia such as Situs Slot Pulsa are currently active and running as of now.

However, the government’s recent announcement could cause a ripple effect on other Asian countries where these types of businesses are present. It could also cause some trouble for many websites based out there that serve players from Indonesia.

This is because some people may now know about the plans to ban cryptocurrency-based businesses in Indonesia and may use this information to track down a website they wish to take their business elsewhere.

3. Why these websites are banned from Indonesia?

The current ban from the Indonesian government is due to a regulation that was implemented by the National Payment Agency (BPJ) in August 2018, and which included cryptocurrency-related businesses.

This is probably the main reason there are many new businesses that offer cryptocurrency-based products and services as of now in Indonesia. Without this type of legislation, any concerns to stop using cryptocurrencies for trading business could be put on hold.

4. How it affects players who live in Indonesia?

Players who live in Indonesia may be affected by the government’s decision to ban cryptocurrency-based businesses.

However, players who live in other countries will not be affected by this announcement because they can continue using their favorite websites. This is mainly because they do not have to pay using a local payment method.

5. What the ban means for other countries in Asia?

It is unclear what could happen to the ban if it goes beyond Indonesia’s borders.

This is because more than 170 countries have banned gambling online, but many of these laws are not enforced. In fact, many users can still use certain websites that are located outside their own country.

Therefore, there may not be a major impact on countries outside Indonesia as well if the ban from its government goes further than its borders.

6. What about players who like to gamble in Indonesia?

Players who want to gamble in Indonesia will not have any trouble finding a website that serves them. This is because there are many sites online that allow users to gamble using a variety of payment methods. Those methods include:

  • Cryptocurrencies (Blockchain currencies)
  • Credit cards and bank transfers (Fiat currencies)
  • Debit cards (Fiat currencies)

7. How can we stop the ban from going further than Indonesia?

No one can really stop the Indonesian government from taking a decision that could go against other countries. However, there are still ways you can take advantage of to limit the damage.

8. What can we do?

If the Indonesian government does decide to take that further, there are still ways of dealing with this. At the moment, these are:

  1. Identify where and who you play against when you gamble online.
  2. Make sure you play only with other players from Indonesia.
  3. Do not use blockchain currencies when gambling online (blockchain is a public ledger technology).


The ban on cryptocurrency-based businesses in Indonesia could affect players who live in other countries as well. This is mainly because many websites that serve players from around the world may be forced to block Indonesian IP addresses if the ban goes further than its borders.

In addition, many websites out there may stop offering these games and services to people from Indonesia as a precautionary measure. The Indonesian government has not specified yet when the ban on cryptocurrency-based businesses will go into effect, but it is expected to happen sometime within 2019.

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