Ideas to style your dress shirts with Jeans!

Men’s fashion is often considered difficult due to the limited options available. When it comes to women, the list is endless. The difficulty increases when one has to stand by their taste in fashion with such limited options. And to overcome this problem, we are going to explore all possible ways to find sleek dressing ideas for men that can’t go wrong! And to play it safe, we will experiment with dress shirts and Jeans, the two options that can never get out of fashion.

Dress shirts:

A dress shirt is also known as a tuxedo shirt and is common in the masses these days. It is a safe choice because it already comes under a formal category of clothing. Pairing it with anything other than a tuxedo or trousers will only make it a little casual, but any combination with a shirt dress can never be a disaster.


As loved as jeans already are, a pair of denim can go pretty well with almost everything. The one easy thing about men’s fashion is denim. One could put on a tee with a pair of denim, and the chances of failure are pretty next to zero. It can only go wrong if the color scales aren’t taken care of well enough.

Having talked about both our pieces of outfits, let’s learn how to wear a dress shirt with jeans

  1. Always go with the rule: light shirt- dark jeans, dark shirt- light jeans. It throws out a classy appearance and is a good choice to go with.
  2. Tuck in the ends: If you want your look a bit more on the formal end, tucking in the ends of the shirt and using a belt on the waist would be a good idea.
  3. Leave the ends out: Creating a casual look is easier if you’ve left the ends of the shirt hanging. Doing the same with trousers wouldn’t be a great idea since it doesn’t fit anywhere in either formal or casual categories.
  4. Wear a graphic tee: Wearing a graphic tee inside your dress shirt with a pair of jeans is a cool idea for a college look or if you’re going to the mall, and it makes you look young.
  5. Distressed but not a damsel: Pairing a dress shirt with ripped jeans is a funky idea since the two items contrast a lot, creating a funky look.
  6. Layer it: Sometimes, you can layer your shirt and jeans with a long coat or blazer, which will do all the magic. A formal upper look with a casual bottom look makes the atmosphere moderate.
  7. Wear Looser Jeans: Since a shirt is already supposed to fit well, a pair of looser jeans provide a contrasting look. Making it an apt choice to be added on.

That’s all about dress shirts and Jeans, but if you plan to learn about men’s style, here’s the real trick!

Watch out for the kind of footwear you wear- While mostly overlooked, many people judge you by the kind of footwear. So, make sure to wear good footwear along with your outfit. And good footwear doesn’t mean one that looks great or is from a good brand, but one that goes with the outfit.

For example, while dressing up in a tuxedo, you won’t wear sports shoes or sneakers. Similarly, while creating any look with a pair of jeans, formal shoes can be equally disastrous. If you’re trying to get into a semi-formal look, sneakers, and loafers are the kinds of footwear to keep at a reachable distance.


Accessorise as little as possible because too many details on anyone drive the attention away from the actual outfit. A watch can be a good idea for accessories, and all you need to take care of is that the kind of watch you wear goes with the type of look you’re trying to create. If it’s a casual look, try experimenting with colorful watches. For a semi-formal look, steel or leather belted watches are preferred.

It’s not very difficult to dress well if you understand what goes with what. We hope that this blog has solved most of your fashion queries.

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