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Ideas to decorate your home when you have kids

When there are kids at home, the requirements change drastically. There is a need to give them the necessary privacy and independence while making the home a safe place. It can be a tricky line to walk and that is why here are some ideas that can help you. 

  1. Get a separate room – A lot of parents believe in making the kids sleep with them at night and whatever works for you should be chosen. However, during the day the child should be allowed to explore and play in a safe space. This ensures the kid learns of responsibility and has a place to call their own. 
  2. Make the storage reachable – AN important lesson that most parents wish to teach their kids is that they should take care of their belongings and put them away when done playing. This is possible when you have a kids cupboard that is easy for the kids to reach. 
  3. Space for playing and learning – Just like there is a place for playing, there should also be a place for learning. A study table for kids can go a long way in ensuring kids get the message to focus when seated here. This also ensures they sit in a proper manner without spoiling their posture. 
  4. Bookshelf – If you are looking to start making your kid interested in books and reading at a young age, then you can give them access to the options available. Every night before they sleep, a book can be picked from the shelf by them and it can inculcate a good habit. 
  5. Hobbies corner – Apart from the play area, dedicate a small space to what they like doing best. It may change every week or sometimes every day too but giving them the full experience of what it’s like to pursue their hobby is essential. They may find something they like. 
  6. Create an interesting outdoor area – Most kids love to play outside if they have company. However, when there is no one to run around with they can resort to playing their video games indoors. Keep your outdoor area interactive by using simple tricks. These can include a tree house, a swing, a basketball hoop and so on. 
  7. Make their favourite tale come to life – While painting the walls or buying furniture you can make their favourite fairytale come to life. Whether they are fans of superheroes or princesses, you can get furniture according to their book. The colour and theme can be used to decorate their play area. 
  8. Focus on the walls – The walls of a kids’ room can be made interesting and engaging. Hang up charts of what they are learning at that age. Keep a shelf for collecting all their trophies. The cupboards can have space for keeping essentials like globes, stationery, charts, and so on. When kids look at their walls continuously, they retain the information they see constantly. 
  9. Make their wardrobe accessible – Just like their books, make their wardrobe accessible too. Let them make their choices and see what they come up with!
  10. Use bright colours wherever possible – Bright colours can truly energize the mind of a child. Use engaging colours to catch their attention and keep them up and about. 

While decorating a house is easy, making a house comfortable and engaging for a child can be a tough job. Keep these tips in mind and make a beautiful space for your tiny tots! 

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